All The Fun With Green Pancakes

Well it looks like I'm on a roll over here with doing a yearly recipe post because the last one I did was this time last year. And, I'm not even sure this one technically counts because it's the same recipe. My days now are more about throwing something together and making meal time easier. And don't get me started on trying to take food pics around kids, because that's a task in itself.

Last year I was able to sneak in some picture taking because little nugget was, well, still little. This year, I had two sous chefs in the kitchen that added to all of the messy fun because what good is letting kids cook without enjoying all of the messes.

These no food coloring green pancakes are still a big hit around here and I love them because they are a healthier alternative to using food dye. This recipe is really easy and what I like is, depending on the flavor you prefer you can add in a little more of something or hold back. We are big peanut butter lovers over here so adding in some extra to ours just makes sense.

We doubled the recipe this time around because little nugget, no joke, can eat six pancakes on his own. We also made extra and have been enjoying heating them up throughout the week. This weekend is St. Patrick's day after all and if there's one thing this blogging and instagram world as taught me, it's that playing with your food is totally acceptable.

I couldn't help but share several outtake pics of our pancake eyes because I was cracking up and could feel and hear little nugget doing silly things right next to me. I had no clue how these were going to turn out or what he was actually doing. You all know I love the behind the scenes pics and usually enjoy them so much more than the "good" ones. You also have to love their pj choices. I think A was wearing little nuggets pants and little nugget couldn't decide on a shirt or pattern, so he just wore it all.

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