Balloon Sleeve Top, The Wind That Never Fails, and Being Confident

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If you've been a reader of mine for some time now then you probably know that I fell pretty hard for the fun sleeve trend. I like them puffy, belled, ruffled, I'll take them all, please. 

You also might have heard me mention that whenever I go to take pictures for an outfit post—dun, dun, dun—bring on the wind. Like it never fails. I'm not even joking. And this time around, it was no different. Because, why would it be?

Real life talk for a minute, I did get a little frustrated when my hair was swirling around and the sun kept coming in and out of the clouds making crazy shadows and changing my white balance (blogger problems). I even thought for a hot second, you know what, I'm done. Maybe I should leave this to the pros and the professional photographers instead of having my poor husband stand out in the cold. 

But then the wind stopped for a minute, and he told me, babe come on, come on, the wind stopped, I can get the shot. And that's when we had fun beating the wind and practicing all of my standard poses, because you can never have too many sideways looking shots, right?

You see, a while back (we were walking down the yellow brick road, sorry random movie love) I shared about finding my fashion balance and how confidence is what really wears the clothes. I still feel like I need to continue to find my balance and what works best for me every time I try something on. I'm at an awkward point where I'm not really young anymore but I'm not necessarily of a mature age either. I still like to have fun with what I wear but of course within reason and what I'm comfortable with. I find so much inspiration and look up to women who are still having fun and sharing their style well beyond a point that I would typically expect someone to (whatever that point might really be). That's when the phrase age is nothing but a number really rings true. 

So about this outfit, I got this top during the Nordstrom winter sale and ordered it in two different sizes. I went with the xs because the small didn't seem to get any longer in length and just got wider. Since I haven't been a crop top kind of girl in awhile I felt more comfortable putting a white cami under this. I wore it with a pair of jeans from my favorite Old Navy Rockstar line and broke out my extremely comfortable blush mules

Here's to continuing to perfect my sideways pose, all the windy pictures that are probably still to come, continuing to share a look, a feeling, a sale—whatever it might be that comes to mind.


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