Easy Ways To Refresh Your Living Room

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I don't know about you, but I always have this urge to change something in my house once the holidays end. Maybe it's the feeling of something missing after the decorations go away, or maybe it's the mindset of a new year and a fresh start. Whatever it is, I got the itch to give our living room a  little refresher, and with spring around the corner it felt like the perfect time to add the finishing touches.

We recently decided to put up a wood wall in our living room and mounted our tv on it. It was one of those things that after we put it up we questioned ourselves why in the world we didn't do this sooner. Have you ever had one of those moments?

After the wood wall went in, it basically inspired me to do a refresh to the whole room. I knew I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it, and instead of just going out and purchasing everything in one trip, I shopped around.

We also rearranged some of our furniture in the room which helped with the flow and gave it a more open feel.

Some of my favorite easy and cost effective ways to refresh a space is changing out the throw pillows and blankets. I've mentioned here before that I can never get enough of curling up with a blanket regardless of what the weather is like.

I have a confession to make, this is the first time I bought pillow covers instead of just grabbing completely new pillows. That was another, why in the world did I wait so long moments, because you guys, I am hooked. I feel like I have so many random pillows that I get board with and now this is a new found lifesaver for me. These decorative pillow covers were only $5.99 and just as good as quality as other covers I've seen for way more. I think that was always my hesitation, I couldn't justify getting pillow covers that cost more than just buying new pillows.

We also switched out our area rug and I love how it tones down the darker color of the wood floor and ties in more of the neutral tones from the couch and the walls. Plus the dog and boys love playing on it so it only made sense for Eric and I to join them.

Another simple way to refresh your room is with switching up the decor or changing up your lamp shades. My mom built us the fixture above our couch from a piece of re-purposed wood from our attic. She gave it to us as Christmas present and not only was it super thoughtful but I love the way it came out.

We have these built-ins next to our tv that I also love. If there's one thing I've noticed, it's that I don't really have a set style that I gravitate towards. I'm more of a whatever catches my eye kind of girl, but keeping color palettes in mind and making sure it isn't something too over the top that it looks out of place. Simple changes like adding in some flowers, vases, playing with textures and patterns, and  displaying our antique bottles that we found at an estate sale, all made each of these shelves feel complete.  

Family Room Decor
After we put up the wood wall, the wall next to it just looked too bare and like it needed something. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do here at first so I sat on it for a little while. I've learned to not make hasty purchases that I just end up returning. I know some people have to have everything put together right away in a room, but I'm ok with sitting on it and getting a feel for the space and having an idea of what will work best. I randomly found these white carved wood pieces and the frame at three different stores. They all seemed to tie in so well together that I really love how it came together. I also realized I tend to lean towards more of a less is more approach when it comes to my decor. I love open wall space and not feeling like every inch needs to be covered.

Simple Living Room Decor
Our living room is one of our most used rooms in the house and a common place for everyone to get together. Now when we sit in here as a family I can't help but look around and know this is a space where many memories will be made. All you really need are a few tickles, laughter, a few messes (because those are inevitable with kids), some fun pieces that add satisfaction to your style, and all the family time to complete it. 


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