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Happy Friday, friends! It has been some kind of week over here. It has been uneventful for the most part and then at the same time very eventful with all the snow we got. You've probably heard by now that the north east got hit with two nor'easter storms in a week. Remind me again why I live here? And, if you watch my instastories then you saw some of our snow fun. I'm just hoping it quickly melts so we can get back to thinking about spring and enjoying some warmer days.

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. All the snow: well I know it's nothing monumental because people all over the world get snow, but this was the most we have seen in awhile. In fact, we ended up with the most snow in our state for this particular storm. I'm talking over 26 inches. Yup, 26. We basically had to dig to get out of our backdoor and I was nervous I was going to lose little nugget in all the white stuff for a minute. Coaty was living his best life running all around and jumping through the snow. Can we talk about those snowballs stuck in his fur for a minute. That was a good time trying to get them out.

2. Science projects: since the boys had two days home from daycare this week we got started on their science fair projects. Little nugget's theme is dinosaurs and A's is sea creatures. He was assigned a dolphin for his project and of course that's the one sea friend we don't seem to have. What's a mom to do? Jump on Pinterest, of course. I found a cute felt project for the dolphin that we did and I think their boxes are going to come out really good.

3. Indoor activities: speaking of spending days home, keeping the boys occupied is not always easy. My blogging friend Hannah from Lovely Little Lives shared some great ideas for indoor activities and some of our favorites liking making blanket tents. I also love how she does a beauty parlor with her girls. Now if only A and little nugget would let me paint their toes ;)

4. Spring table setting: with all the time we spent indoors this week I did get some things done around the house that I'm really excited about. I mentioned before that we wanted to give our living room a little overhaul after we put the wood wall in. I'm happy to say the room is almost complete. I'll be sharing more as soon as my pillow covers come in. I also have a fun collaboration coming up and will be completely revamping my master closet. It's pretty much the one and only closet I will not complain about in this house, and that's because Eric built it for me.

Aside from all of that, I did get a chance to get my dining room table going for Easter. I don't really decorate for a lot of holidays other than Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had two cute bunnies last year that reminded me of A and little nugget but of course one of them broke. I came across these little wooden guys at Hobby Lobby and figured they would do for now. When I set them out, A actually asked me about the glass bunnies from last year. When I told him one of them broke he was so quick to say, oh well that was the little nugget bunny. Such brotherly love. Eric picked up these ceramic plates for me at a random sale at our local grocery store and they were only 25 cents each. They were too good to pass up and I kind of think they look perfect on the table here. I decided not to put out any utensils and I'm still debating on leaving the plates out because I could see them quickly turning into some sort of shield or God only knows what with my crew.

5. Girls night: before all of this snow and craziness hit, I got to have a girls nights at my sister's new house with a bunch of our close friends. It's so nice being able to just sit around and catch up about things and share some good laughs. These girls are so important to me and it just stinks that we live so far away. I also got to meet up with one of my other really good friends and her adorable family. It's times like that that make me wish we lived closer to everyone.

Speaking of girls night, one of the great things about this blogging community has been connecting with so many other positive and supportive women. It almost feels like many of you are friends from a distance. We'll be having our monthly girl chat on Thursday where we'll be sharing about our Easter baskets and would love for you to link up and join!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Here's where you can find me linking for all of the link up fun.

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