When Kids Say and Do The Darndest Things

It's been all kinds of months since I've shared some of the silly things that come out of the boys mouths and the crazy things they come up with. I don't know why, but recently it seems like they have been coming out with some funny ones that I've tried to add to the notes in my phone (does anyone else use the notes section in their phone) so I don't forget. 

After I started reading them again, I realized there were quiet a few and thought it would be fun to put another post together. Both of my boys have been very vocal from a young again and talking in 3-4 word sentences from around 16-18 months. I am extremely thankful for that and have loved hearing their silly logic and literal thinking. 

If you remember form a while back, one of little nugget's first words was agua and he was getting so mad at me for not giving it to him because I couldn't figure out what he was saying. I didn't realize how quickly he picked up on the Spanish and sign language they were teaching him in daycare. Anyway, here are a few moments from my boys that have kept me laughing.

Recently one of the things they have been asking about is when is it going to be Christmas again? I keep telling them they have so many things to look forward to this summer but Christmas is on their brain. When I was putting A to bed he asked me if we could bring out this North Pole communicator that we have so he could talk to Santa. I told him it was packed away and that it only works after Thanksgiving (true story because you can set the date and time). He leans over and says, well your ears are really small like elf ears (true in that they are small but no they are NOT elf shaped) and if I talk into them can Santa hear me? No, no, no it does not work that way my son. 

Continuing with the Christmas talk, I told little nugget one night that it was going to be cold so he should wear socks to bed. He never keeps his covers on at night. Anyone else's kids always kicking them off? He says to me, why mama? So jack frost doesn't nip at my toes. I think the song actually says nose, but I can see the confusion there. 

One night, I don't actually remember how it came up, but Eric and I were talking about how Jimmy Fallon's finger got hurt from his wedding band, and that whole debacle. I guess I must have said Jimmy Kimmel instead of Jimmy Fallon, and somehow A must have over heard us. Later on that night, he was crying in his room and I went in to see what was wrong with him. He said he was so upset and that he didn't want Jimmy Kimmel's finger to fall off. I had to laugh because he has no clue who either of them are and I also felt really bad that I didn't realize he was listening and I got him so upset. 

I try to be very mindful of what I listen to in the car with them, because much like the Jimmy story, they pick up on everything. A Pitbull song happened to come on and he was talking about going back to the crib. Little nugget says, the crib? Why he take them back to the crib? That's for babies! 

Little nugget had a project at school where they planted seeds and grew them into a bean plant (sprout, whatever you call it). They were also reading Jack In The Beanstalk. When it was time for the plant to come home, they both got the idea to plant it in the backyard and when it grew taller Jack would come out of the top. We had to explain to them that's not really how it worked but if we were lucky (we aren't exactly green thumbs over here) then maybe we would get some beans. 

I need to get this on video because seriously Eric and I can barely keep a straight face when he does it, but little nugget will really talk with his hands when he gets into a story. Lately, during his story telling, if we mention something that we think is the point he is trying to make, he will tell us, yes that's what I told you. Well, it really isn't what you told us buddy but I can see where you were going with that.

A still loves wearing his Disney band from when we went and calls it his Mickey watch. He wanted to wear it to school one day so we let him. Later on that night at dinner, he tells us he has something he needs to talk to us about but he doesn't want us to get mad. I'm thinking oh geez, what is this boy going to tell us. Well, he let us know that during his time out on the playground he threw is beloved Mickey watch up in the air and it landed on the roof of the daycare. He was so concerned that not only him, but apparently none of us would be able to get back into Disney World. He assured us that his teacher was going to have one of the maintenance guys bring a ladder and get it down for him. He came home the next day with his band and says, yes!!! Now we can go to Disney again! It looks like we'll be planning another trip.

Another night when I was putting A to bed we were laying there and he asked me what season it was. I tried to explain to him that it is technically spring but it feels more like winter. He said. I know what's wrong. Spring is the mama and winter is the kid who is not being a good listener. I'd have to agree with him on that one. 

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