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Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone had a great week. I can't really complain over here. I feel like I've talked more about the weather than anything else lately so I'm going to try and not have this post dwell on that. It can be so hard though because it's crazy how much the weather dictates how you feel, what you can do, etc.

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Cherry blossom festival: we had a beautiful day over the weekend and took full advantage of it. I was so surprised these cherry blossoms were bloomed because nothing else was. They were so pretty to see and got me so excited about the nicer weather. We had such a good time walking around and admiring it all.

2. Outdoor eating: since we had another nice day we took full advantage of sitting out on the deck and eating outside. The only downfall was, whatever warmer temps we did have, awoke every insect imaginable and those mosquitos came out with a vengeance. I got eaten alive. I have been itching all week. Little nugget enjoyed making bubbles in the backyard and I'm sure me laying on the grass to take pictures of him didn't help with getting bit up either.

3. Toys R Us: it's so sad about all of the stores going out of business. I know that shopping online is a huge convenience and I'm guilty of it too, but it's sad to think that these staple stores won't be around for the boys to enjoy. We had to take them and let them pick out something special. Of course that involved all the paw patrol things. If you caught my insta stories you might have seen me share this random fact that their headquarters are right here in NJ. The street is even named Geoffrey Way.

4. Hunter Boots: so you might have heard a little something that Target launched a line with Hunter. If you don't know by now, where have you been?! Anyway, I swear this was not planned, but this how it went down.

Little nugget woke up around 4am to go to the bathroom. While Eric took care of him, I grabbed my phone and looked at to see what the deal was with these boots. They wouldn't let me add any of the boots to my cart and said to check your local store. I should have known they weren't actually going to be available online (at least for me they weren't). I thought to myself, well there goes that, and went back to bed. Around 6:45am A came crawling into our bed talking about the most random things and wanting to watch tv. I tell you, when it's a school day, we have to wake them up at 7:30 to start getting ready. But on a weekend, this boy is up way too early for me. He kept rattling on and on, something about catching a snake in the backyard and wanting to look for frogs. I think I even told him at one point to go back into his room.

At this point I was up and told him if he was waking me up this early then he had to come to Target with me. I got dressed and we headed over making it there at 7:58am. By both sets of the doors to get in were two long lines of people waiting. I thought to myself, well this is great, I'm going to have another Lilly Pulitzer experience.

I got A out of his seat and we ran for the doors because they just opened the one side we were closest too and people were starting to walk in. I think A even laughed and said, mommy this is fun! Is it a race?! When I saw the display I went right for the boys boots because my main goal was to get them a pair. They have rain boots from Target that we love but they are outgrowing them so it wasn't like we didn't need them. I pulled A off to the side and grabbed several different sizes for him to try on and told him we would put back what didn't fit him so other people could try them. We also grabbed a few sizes for little nugget and I have returned what didn't fit him. That took all of about two minutes because these things were super easy for him to slip right on and try. I ended up getting these and these for them. I circled to the women's setup and all of the navy and red boots that I really had my eye on were gone. They had no yellow boots in our store and only two pairs of the pink ones left sitting there. One was a size 11 and the other was my size. I decided to try them on. I wasn't in love with them but I still thought they were cute. They are a bit out of my comfort zone just because they are so bright. We did get good use out of them though when it rained here like crazy this week. Eric ended up wanting a pair after all so I picked him up these and we also got a racquet game set that we will be packing in our Airstream this summer.

5. Favorite finds: speaking of Target, they got me good this week. I came across this swimsuit (currently 25% off with code SWIM until 4/21) that I thought would be cute for my upcoming Charleston and Italy trip. I have really been into one pieces lately. Some of them I find a lot more appealing than a two piece and they are a lot easier to run after the boys in. They are also having if you spend $40 on clothes you get a $10 gift card so I picked up this dress and this dress. All of this got me thinking about a summer bag. I have my scalloped tote from last year in tan but Nordstrom released it in pink this year. I also have my eye on this straw ring handle basket tote, it's really cute too. I also came across this mantra band that's on sale. I have two other ones from my close friends that I love wearing together.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! We have plans to hopefully get some more things done on the Airstream this weekend. This weather has really set our timeline back for being able to tackle this renovation. Here's where you can find me linking for all of the link up fun.

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