Friday Favorites-Could It Be Spring

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Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone had a great week. This one seemed to go by really fast for us. I'm happy to say it was one of the first weeks in awhile that we didn't get snow. I think it might have flurried while I was in work at some point, but if I can't see it and it didn't accumulate, I'm ok.

We are supposed to have a beautiful day today and tomorrow so we are excited for all of the outdoor time. Then it's supposed to drop like 40 degrees on Sunday and we'll probably be bundled up again. We might stop by a cherry blossom festival but it will be interesting to see if there are actually any blossoms because nothing is really bloomed around here.

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Sixers game: if you caught my insta stories over the weekend you might have seen that we went to a Sixers game. Eric and I used to be really big fans back when Iverson played and we haven't seen them this good in awhile. We had courtside seats which were awesome and now I feel like I might have to watch a game that way all the time. Not really, but it was a fun experience. We also got to see them win so that's always a plus when you go to a game. Little nugget was also in his glory because during one of the quarters they had a drum line come out and perform and he was glued! The boys loved all of the snacks that came along with it and they got these adorable oversized shirts that A couldn't wait to put on. It was Franklin the mascots birthday so everything was geared around his celebration. The boys got to go out on the court after and bounce the ball around and they sure had a blast!

Remember that eyelet hem sweatshirt I shared last week? Well, it arrived later on that afternoon and I couldn't help but wear it to the game. I got so many compliments on it and I loved it even more in person.

2. Closet reveal: organizing things is no easy task and can be very time consuming. I am so happy with how everything came together in my closet and it is such a great feeling to know that everything has a place now. If you missed my post you can read more about it {here}.

3. Mother's Day gifts: I can't believe we are exactly a month out from Mother's Day. I shared some gift ideas and a cute idea the boys had to make Mother's Day extra special.

4. Favorite finds: I don't know about you but sandals are probably one of the things I always get new every season. Maybe it's because mine seem to wear a lot, or the fact that I have sweaty feet (tmi? we can all be mature about it ;) but rarely do I have a pair last me through two different seasons. Mine always get the feet imprint on the sole, and well, I just feel like I need to freshen them up. Anyway, back to the point. Last week Lindsay from Bourbon & Lipstick shared these printed bow-tie slides and I had some super cash laying around so I decided to pick them up. They reminded me of the pair from Target that came out in the beginning of the season that of course I waited too long for and now I can't find them anywhere.

I also picked up some solid tees for the boys. I realized they wear a lot of patterned shorts in the summer and I never have enough of plain colored shirts for them.

5. Hunter Boots: I'm sure we've all heard about the Hunter line being released at Target this weekend. I actually do not own a pair of Hunter boots but would love to jump on the bandwagon if I can snag a pair. I'm sure we all would so it will probably be a mad dash for whatever is left. I have my eye on this pair and this pair for myself and I think this pair or this pair would be really cute for the boys. Eric doesn't seem to be into them, at least the ones here, so that makes one less person to shop for.  Does anyone have a connection to Target corporate and have the launch time for when it will hit the web? You can always private email me :) Of course from what I can find they only mention the early morning hours and this mama is not staying up all night. I also heard RedCard holders had a pre-release this week that I wasn't invited to and feel pretty left out. It's all good though, if I get a pair, I get a pair.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all of the link up fun. Speaking of linking, don't forget our monthly girl chat is this Thursday where we'll be sharing our guilty pleasures. We hope you can join us! 

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