Our Easter Fun

As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm a little annoyed because there is snow coming down outside. Yes it's beautiful and makes everything have a magical feel to it, but enough already. I'm hopeful that it will melt pretty quickly but spring is clearly confused this year and I can't remember the last time she didn't have her act together. Come on girl, you are letting us down over here.

Luckily we did have a nicer weekend to enjoy all of the festive fun. On Saturday we took the boys to a local egg hunt at a church near us. I have to say, they did a really great job with everything. The program was amazing and the hunt was super fun. They had enough eggs for everyone, broke it down for different age groups, and overall it was very well put together. The boys had a ton of fun which made it even better. The rest of the day we spent relaxing and getting the house in order because we were hosting brunch the next day. 

Sunday morning the boys actually slept in and Eric and I couldn't believe it. We did tell them they needed to get good rest so they could have enough energy (like that's ever lacking) on Easter, so maybe that worked? Who knows, but I was loving it.

We headed to church, because first and foremost, that is the most important thing for us on Easter Sunday. The rabbits, the candy, and all that other stuff is fun, but there's nothing like celebrating the gift of eternal life and the ultimate sacrifice that was paid for us.

The boys were excited to see their baskets were waiting for them when we got home. We made the decision to do baskets after we go to church, and it's something we've done with A ever since his first Easter. It gives the boys something to look forward to and we don't want to the focus to be all about the baskets. But let's be honest here, they are looking forward to seeing what's inside.

After their baskets, I headed back to the kitchen to finish up the food prep and get everything ready before our family came over. Note to self, do not try a new recipe on the morning of your event. What was I thinking? I came across a recipe for hash brown waffles, and or course mine came out nothing like what was pictured. Thankfully they tasted ok but the presentation, a total fail. I didn't even take a picture because they were unrecognizable. I would give this another try because I think it could be really good, but I need to come across a few other recipes and find out their techniques and then master my own. If that ever happens, I may just put a recipe post together and tell you all my secrets—because a recipe like that, needs an honest breakdown. 

Hash brown fail aside, the rest of the food was really good and I don't think anyone walked away hungry.

After we ate, we headed outside for an egg hunt for the boys. They were so excited that silly bunny snuck in the backyard while they were eating and laid out all of the eggs. Aka our parents distracted them and Eric and I ran outback placing eggs around having just as much fun as the boys did when they collected them. They also started hopping around like little bunnies and my boys got some major height.

This year we set out two eggs with golden coins in them that they could trade in for a special golden bunny. One night Eric and I caught an episode of Jimmy Kimmel where they showed some Easter pranks on kids and decided we wanted to try one. Eric cut open a chocolate bunny, filled it with broccoli and then sealed it back up. It wasn't as easy as they made it seem (much like my hash brown fail) but it worked. He re-wrapped them, sealed up the boxes, and looking at them you wouldn't have really known. The whole joke kind of backfired on us though because the boys ended up loving the bunnies with the broccoli! We thought maybe they would have gotten upset, or something, but they ate all the broccoli. While we were all cracking up, they decided to put on a show and shake their little booties for us and do some sort of dance moves that hopefully will not carry through with them to adulthood. The more we laughed the more these two little characters carried on.

After some relaxing, cleaning up, and chit chatting, the day was over. It always amazes me how events or holidays go so quickly. It always seems like there is never enough time to fully enjoy them. As quickly as it went, we did have a great one. The boys are already asking about when we can hunt for more eggs, and I'm looking forward to celebrating next year when hopefully the weather will be nicer. I hope you all had a great time celebrating!!

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