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I always enjoy reading these posts and seeing how everyone's days go, but I've never done one myself. I had a lot of fun with this but it isn't the easiest thing to remember to document everything. At least for me it wasn't. For the sake of convenience, I took pictures with my phone and tried to keep it simple. 

I documented our Tuesday 5/15 which would have been a typical day for us, and it did start out that way, but ended very different. Such is life and you deal with things as they come...

5:03am: way too early for my liking I heard the birds chirping outside of my window and had a hard time falling back to sleep. 

6:24am: little nugget comes into our room which is rare for him because he usually calls for us to come get him out of bed. He needed to go to the bathroom so we helped him out. We also noticed he must have been bit by a mosquito in his sleep, right smack dab in the middle of his forehead. At that point Eric woke up and got in the shower and I gladly stayed in bed. 

6:55am: my alarm goes off and I hit snooze. 

7:05am: I get up, look at my phone, check my email real quick, read my verse of the day and drag myself out of bed. Little nugget is upset about what I picked out for him to wear. He wants to wear the same outfit he had on yesterday but he has watermelon all over the front of it, so we compromise and let him pick something out. A dinosaur shirt and sweats were his outfit of choice. 

7:08am: A wakes up because he hears little nugget yelling and comes in with the sweetest smile and to give me a hug.

7:10am: I turn my pandora on to the elevation worship station and have it playing while I get in the shower. I try to start my day with some worship music and spending time in prayer. I hear ruckus going on in my room so I decide to skip washing my hair. Even if I wanted to, I was running behind because I usually wake up earlier when I wash my hair. Looks like it's a dry shampoo kind of day.

7:25am: I head to my closet to get ready. I have my clothes picked out from the night before and do my makeup in there. 

7:30am: Eric takes the boys downstairs for breakfast. They have their staples they like, cereal, pancakes, or waffles. A goes for his usual of waffles with peanut butter (he does not like syrup) and little nugget throws everyone off with a tantrum of not wanting any of that and decides he wants a bowl of soup instead. Soup?! I mean, he wasn't asking for cookies or chocolates, so we pick and choose our battles. Thankfully we had some chicken noodle soup so that's what he got. I really think that dang mosquito bite really threw him off. 

7:55am: I'm done getting dressed and putting my make up on so I head down stairs. Eric already has the boys backpacks and lunch bags set, hair done, and shoes on (he is seriously father of the year). I grab my breakfast to bring to work and head outside.

8:03am: I am trying to round the boys up to get in the car as they are running around the backyard with a bug net trying to catch a fly. We finally get the boys in the car but realize the dog is still outside so I run back to let him in the house.

8:08am: we are on the road and in route to drop them off at day care. 

8:22am: we pull into the parking lot, I unload them, grab the backpacks, nap mat (we forgot that on Monday) and get them situated in their class rooms. 

8:35am: I arrive at work, turn on my computer, check my emails, check my faxes, resume inboxes, and see what crazy awaits for the day. So you understand what I do on a daily basis, I'm a corporate HR Manager for a company in the retail and fashion industry. It's hard to explain if someone isn't familiar with the industry, but we run and operate a leased department inside of major department stores across the US and Canada.

8:52am: I grab that breakfast I threw in my purse.

9:28am: I'm called into a 9:30am meeting that I didn't know about, but it's all good. 

10:30am: I'm back at my desk. I sneak in a few minutes to try and get some blog reading in and comment on my favorites. That's short lived when my phone rings and it's an issue with an employee who is behaving badly. Sometimes I really feel like half of my job is babysitting. 

11:30am: I hop onto bloglovin and try to catch up with as many blogger friends as I can in between taking phone calls and printing things out. I have another situation I have to deal with so work flow it is.

1:24pm: I leave for lunch. I usually take a later lunch so this is nothing new. I am lucky enough to live relatively close to my job so I head home on my lunch break to try and conquer the world. I get home and let Coaty out, start dinner for tonight, make myself a salad and sit outside since it's so nice out. I have a sponsored instagram post that needs to go live so I get that taken care of. It just earned the boys some extra money going into their college funds, so priorities.

2:38pm: I get back into work and find three missed calls and two voice messages. For the remained of the afternoon I have a few people come in and out of my office. I have to draft a disciplinary action for someone not following directives. I get an employee situated with FMLA paperwork since they will be going out on a leave of absence, and other random daily tasks.

4:33pm: a crazy storm rolls in and it looks so bad outside. The wind is blowing like crazy and there is thunder and lighting. The power goes out twice but comes on right after. Of course it happen right in the middle of sending out an email.

5:08pm: I head out of the office a little earlier than I normally would. The rain is crazy and there are trees down, things blown into the road, and that sky is angry. It's dropped over 20 degrees from lunch time and you would have never known it was the same day.

5:14pm: I get to the kids school and find that they are all in one classroom because the power was going in and out in parts of the building.

5:46pm: it takes me a lot longer to get home than normal because some roads only having one lane open. We pass a huge tree down up the street from us and I know this can't be anything good. We run into the house and my feeling was right, no power.

6:00pm: luckily I made dinner during my lunch break so we quickly open the fridge and take everything out and use a lighter to heat the burners on our stove. We have our taco night and eat by candlelight.

6:30pm: the boys play games by candlelight, we build blocks with them, and make the best of it. We have portable chargers so Eric and I could still use our phones and have mobile hot spots. We called my brother in Chicago to talk to him for a little while and the boys were running around the house with him on speaker phone.

8:08pm: we take the boys upstairs to get ready for bed, brush their teeth, and get them tucked in. We put flashlights in their rooms as nightlights but little nugget is really unsettled and scared of the big booms.

9:15pm: we've already gone into little nuggets room twice now and he asks to come sleep in our bed. We bring him in and within five minutes he falls asleep curled up next to me. I let him lay there for a little while and both Eric and I stare at him as he makes the cutest faces and moves his arms in his sleep. We carry him back into his bed until he makes his way back in our room somewhere around 4:00am. 

The rest of the night I spent browsing the internet and talking with Eric. This isn't so typical because after the boys go to bed we're usually packing lunches for the next day, doing dishes, laundry, starting the dishwasher, and then finally sitting down to watch some tv together.

11:00pm we head to bed and make it an earlier night.

We wake up the next morning and still have no power. I don't want to complain because I know it could be a lot worse, but it is so crazy how dependent we become on something so simple as electricity.

Now it's your turn to join in on the fun and share more about your day.  

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