Having Fun In Every Season & Matching Camo

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Ok, so I have to admit, I match with my boys from time to time, or at best coordinate with them. It's definitely a bit cheesy but sometimes it just happens without even really being planned. Like on a day where we all wear stripes. That just happens to be what everyone picks out for the day and no one realizes it until someone says, aw look at you guys all wearing the same thing. Oops.

Someone got little nugget these camo pants as a gift and I hit a sale on a pair for me, so it only felt fitting that we wear them at the same time. I've also learned that on days where I'm going to be out with the boys I need to be comfortable, practical, yet still feel like I have a sense of myself tied in. 

With spring being so delayed over here, it got me really excited to finally see things in bloom and take off our jackets when the sun peeked out. Although, my allergies wouldn't really agree with me on that because I have been sneezing like crazy. It got me thinking that more times than not, when something isn't necessarily going as planned, or I'd like to get to the next step, I can find myself not focusing on the present.

Remember when I shared about being happy in the now? Well, sometimes I need to remind myself of my own advice. This time it pertained to more of a particular season than everyday moments. I think so many of us were just done with winter and completely over the snow and cold. I'm not saying we all had to walk around and not hope for warmer days, but I got so annoyed in the mornings when I woke up and had to bundle up that it took my joy away from focusing on being thankful for a new day.

It's so refreshing to finally be able to play outside and watch the boys enjoy the fresh air. A decided he was going off to find sticks, and little nugget and I enjoyed jumping and twirling around. He also found it funny to try and hold my hair down because it was extra windy that day. A joined us for some jumping fun and I couldn't be happier to see all of the smiles on their faces. 

As corny as it sounds, I also realized that without a winter there would be no spring. This makes me wonder what it's like in other areas where they might not experience every season like we do and if it changes the excitement for seasons like spring and summer. Regardless, without getting too deep into thought, I tend to do that from time to time, I'm just happy we can spend more time outside and make memories together. There's something about a fresh season that brings a new start and a new perspective.


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