And Baby Number 3 Is...

Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone has been doing well. We're back from our trip to Italy and it was such an amazing experience and so nice to be away for a little while. I'll be sharing more about our adventures in the weeks to come, but I wanted to jump on real quick to share some exciting news about our growing family. 

This is different than my traditional favorites post, and instead of doing my top five, I think this news takes the whole thing. If you follow me on instagram (@beautifully_candid) then you probably already saw the news. 

Baby number three is another BOY!!! 

I always kind of had a feeling deep down that I would end up being a boy mom and it looks like I was right. I know one things for sure, and that's that my boys love hard. Sure they have some crazy moments and God only knows what I will be in for with three of them, but they melt my heart in minutes and definitely know how to make me smile. I am so blessed to share life with them and can't wait to love on this little one.

The day before we left for our trip my sister had a little gender reveal for us with just our immediate family. The anticipation was so hard this time around because with both A and little nugget we knew the genders. For A we actually revealed the gender at our baby shower because we wanted as many neutral things as possible. I didn't want to be flooded with all things blue but at this point, that's out the window. Blue everywhere. With little nugget we did a small reveal with our family and had a story book theme. This time around only my sister knew and would be revealing to us what we were having.

For some reason the boys were convinced they were getting a sister. When they found out the news they sure surprised us with their reactions.

At first the smoke sticks lit up white and then took a few seconds for the blue color to kick in, so neither of us were really sure.

Once we realized and I turned to A and told him, yay it's another boy!...his face looked like this...

And then little nugget screamed and kind of threw a five second tantrum.

And then A dropped to the floor and was hitting the back of my legs and crawling on the ground. You can head to my instagram or facebook to check out the video. It's definitely something we laugh about now and I'm sure it will make for some great laughs to come when they're all older.

I love that they wanted a sister, but I also felt really bad they were both so upset. I got a little emotional for a minute. I feel guilty in a way there wasn't more excitement because it isn't this baby's fault that he is already coming into the world with two brothers. After we talked to the boys and they realized they have another buddy to help them find worms, and lizards, and go on treasure hunts, they were fine.

And the fact they also got to eat some blue cake after didn't hurt either.

I keep catching myself day dreaming while the boys are playing together and envisioning another one with them. It's getting me really excited for this little love and adding to our boy crew over here.

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