Strawberry Picking For Father's Day

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It's a rare occasion around here for me to have a post up after the weekend, but since this was a low key one for us I figured I would share our strawberry picking adventures. 

This Father's Day was a little different for us. Our tradition has been going down the shore with both of our families and all getting together for a day in the sun. Eric's parents were out in California this year with his two brothers, and you guys, my sister got engaged last week! Her and her fiance were off celebrating in St. Augustine so we decided to push back celebrating with everyone until they get home. 

It was nice to just have the day to ourselves and be able to celebrate Eric for the amazing father that he is. We usually always go strawberry picking, but were sad to hear that a lot of places were already done picking. I need to get my seasons in order for when things are ready to pick because we almost missed it last year too. I can't blame that one on pregnancy brain (this year I can) but I'm telling you, mom brain is totally a thing. After a little googling I found a farm that's only open on the weekends and still had tons of berries left to pick. We decided to go venture into the fields to pick those juicy treats. 

Of course it wouldn't be an adventure without it being over 90 degrees and oh so hot. It seems like whatever week we decide to go the weather ends up spiking and being so warm. It was the same way last year when we went strawberry and cherry picking. I also realized looking back at these pics that little nugget is wearing the same shirt A wore last year. How crazy! And, we must have done a really good job at getting those stains out because it's still obviously around. Let's see if I can keep it around for our next little guy. It kind of feels like I need to keep up with it now. Maybe we can deem it the berry picking shirt...

Heatwave aside, somethings never change. Eric and I did a lot of the picking and the boys enjoyed most of the eating. Eric joked that we should have put them on the scale when we first went in and then put them on it after to see how much they ate.

After we got all the berries we wanted we headed out to a nice brunch to all cool down and fill our bellies even more. It was also really special because I have been feeling some baby flutters for weeks now but on father's day we all got to feel some real kicks. Maybe those strawberries really got him going?

The boys wanted a snack before bed (like always) and guess what they're top pick was? Yup, more strawberries. We plan on making some muffins, crepes, pancakes, and smoothies with these. That is of course if the nuggets don't devour them first. 

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