5 Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone's had a great week. It rained a lot over here and was really humid, which is never good for my hair. I kind of gave up on it all week. Would you believe we forgot our poor dog Coaty's birthday? I felt so horrible. A said something the other night that made me sit up straight in his bed when I was laying with him, and was like, oh my gosh! We forgot Coaty's birthday! 

You guys, his birthday was on the 13th. With life moving in a million directions for us, I forgot my poor fur baby's big day. He was nine this year. Nine. Ugh, that tugs at my heart a little too much to even think about. A was set on throwing him a surprise party the next day, so we blew up some balloons, had left over paw patrol plates and napkins that we set out, and wrapped up a new bone for him. They even setup all their stuffed animals and paw patrol friends as the party guests. I shot down the idea for party bags because I think they were more concerned about them for themselves. Sly little guys. The boys made him go outside while we decorated and sang happy birthday to him when they called him in. It was really cute. I didn't take any pics and just enjoyed the fun moment with them. Aside from that, the week was uneventful yet eventful at the same time. If that even makes sense. 

I decided for this week's favorites I'm going to share five things that have recently made me happy...


it probably sounds so silly, or even cliche, but the sun makes me happy. With all these rain clouds that were lingering around here it really does change the mood. I enjoy a good rain shower or even a crazy thunderstorm (I used to want to be a storm chaser back when the movie Twister first came out), but there is something about those warm rays of light that will forever put a smile on my face. It did peek through here and there at some points during the week, and those were the moments that everything felt more cheerful and like summer was back. 


one of the best sounds I have heard is the laughter of my children. There's just something about a giggle that's contagious to me. Even if I don't really know what someone is laughing at, but I see them laughing, I'll start to laugh. The other day the boys were quiet which is always a concern because you never really know if that's a good thing or a disaster. In this case, it happened to be a good thing. A started saying this silly word, that wasn't even a real word, more like mumble jumble. Little nugget thought it was the funniest thing. He was cracking up. I'm talking deep belly laughs over here.  A kept saying it more and more edging him on, and before we knew it, we were all laughing. 

3. HUGS: 

for some reason little nugget has been stage five clinger with me during drop off at camp. It might be because it's not always his regular teachers that he's used to, or more kids than normal during the year come to camp. Whatever it is, I'm kind of loving it. He won't let me leave his class until he gives me about five different hugs, a big kiss, wait another kiss, and then oh wait, a hug so big that I take his with me to work and he can take mine with him for the day. 


I've said it before but one of the things I dread when I come home from work is spending too much time in the kitchen. It's such a catch 22 because we aren't a big order out family, and I do enjoy cooking fresh meals, but that time thing kills me. I want to be running around with my kids but also providing them with nutritious home cooked meals. Anyway, we cook with a lot of fresh meats and vegetables and I know that I need to get better at meal planning or prepping. If we forget to take something out of the freezer to defrost, it can throw off a whole night. I know some people are probably reading this and thinking, what's the big deal, just order something. And yes, that can be done, but that's not always our first solution. I often need to look back and take my own advice, like when I shared about that time momming caught up with me. I took a second look at our freezer and found a Trader Joe's meal stuffed in the back (does anyone else sometimes forget what they have in there?) and dinner was solved. We also opted to order pizza one night this week. I know, we're animals over here ;)


I'm not sure I've met anyone who doesn't enjoy fresh flowers, unless they're highly allergic to them. We had the opportunity to go frolic, or maybe more like make sure my kids didn't trample through the wildflower fields. We picked some of the prettiest sunflowers I have ever seen and had some sweet moments along the way. I arranged four different vases throughout the house all with the flowers we picked. It's amazing what a little pop of color and some fresh blooms can do to liven up the place.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all the link up fun.

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