A Sunny Day In A Sunflower Field

There's something about sunflowers that have always had a piece of my heart. Maybe it's those bright yellow petals or the large size that they can grow to. Whatever it is, I have always loved them. I remember my Dad had a few that grew in our garden when I was a kid and I always thought it was the coolest thing how they turned throughout the day to face the sun. I also distinctly remember there were these bright red cardinals that would land on them and eat the sunflower seeds from the center. Ever since then, I've always said that if I could have a field of sunflowers I would be one happy girl. I'm still working on that.

If you caught my instagram over the weekend then you probably saw some of our fun. I got a lot of messages asking about where we were and how the boys did. I happened to get an email on Friday about a local farm that we love visiting was having a U-Pick on wild flowers and sunflowers. It's a rare occasion for us to have a weekend where there isn't a lot going on, but last weekend happened to be that one. We just needed some family time and time to really dedicate to banging out some more projects on the Airstream. Of course a few hours to pick some sunflowers was doable and we were set to go.

The email said you needed to bring your own shears or scissors and that it was a set time of a few hours that you could come and pick. I had a basket that we have in our bathroom that holds my random toiletries that I thought would be really cute to bring and put the flowers in. I was really glad I did bring it because a lot of people were dropping the flowers they cut or having a hard time managing everything.

When we got there we went right for the sunflowers. They were so tall and beautiful and the boys were just as fascinated by all of the bees that were on them as much as how big the sunflowers were. We decided to walk down a bit to the other end because a lot of the ones in the front were looking picked over.

The great thing about Eric's height and his wingspan (I say wingspan because seriously he has pterodactyl wings) is he's able to lift the boys up and maneuver them to areas that most people can't reach. A really got in there and picked the perfect sunflower for him.

We brought the boys kiddies scissors with us but that probably wasn't the best idea. The handle ended up breaking because they weren't sharp enough to cut the stems. It was supervisor time after that for using the big scissors. 
My Mom always said that whenever you give someone flowers they need to come with kisses. The exact phrase has always been, flowers always come with kisses. That's always stuck with me and something she's passed onto the boys. Now whenever they give me flowers they know they always come with kisses. 

I wanted to try and get some cute bump pics in between the flowers but the wind was really starting to pick up. Before I knew it the boys were off running around and trying to touch the bees that were landing on the flowers.

Once I realized what was going on I ran after them (don't worry I didn't trip on any rocks, but it did make it difficult with them being all over the ground). I can never seem to keep up with the boys and it's getting even harder the bigger I'm getting. There might even be a small waddle going on at this point. The amazing blogger husband that I have kept snapping pics of us because he knows those random moments usually end up being the best.

I found this quote online that I really like, that says...

~I want to be sunflower, so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and follow the sunlight~

Here's to standing tall and looking towards the sun. 

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