When In Rome And All The Gelato

Our Italy trip at most points felt like nothing short of a dream. The views in the Amalfi Coast, the culture, the food in Naples, the memories, all of it was just amazing. Our final stop was heading back to Rome to spend a few days there and take in the sights and sounds of the city. 

It was a lot busier than the other areas we visited (well Naples might have been comparable) but it felt, and was, a lot bigger. The amazing thing about Rome was all of the ancient ruins and history just out and around. You're walking down the street, oh look, there's the Colosseum. I mean, I have been very blessed to visit a lot of places, but I haven't come across the preserved artifacts like we did in Rome.

Of course we had to do some touristy things and visit the Colosseum. We chose to do an hour long guided tour with a jump the line pass (I would highly recommend a jump the line pass). They have tours that you could seriously spend half the day there, but with the kids, and it ended up being so hot, we knew we did not want to be with a tour all day. One thing about us, when we travel we like to do a lot on our own and see the highlights. We don't try to conquer the world in one trip but do what's important to us and make sure we also have time to wind down and relax. Especially when you're traveling with kids, you need to be flexible and realistic.

The boys really enjoyed the Colosseum and were giving us their best lion roars and looking for lizards on the pillars (go figure). A was also really into taking pictures and wanted to use my camera but I'm still really nervous about him dropping it. We have a GoPro Hero 5 that's pretty indestructible so it was perfect for him to take around and snap away. Some of his pics came out really good and I loved seeing his perspective.

Of course one of our favorite things in Italy was eating all the gelato. There were some days we spoiled the boys and let them have it after lunch and then again after dinner. They loved it. Every time they ate it, it would drip all over them and they would just savor every bite. When they got to the end they would drink it like a milk shake. Good till the last drop.

One of the things I make sure to do when I travel is wear things that are functional and comfortable. That goes from my clothes to my shoes. A basic cotton dress was so perfect to walk around in, like this one c/o PinkBlush. I also made sure my sandals had straps on them since the ground there can be very uneven and there are many different hills and turns to take.

I shared this on my instagram, but it was really cute because while we were away A told us he came up with a name for his baby brother. We asked him what he was thinking and he said, Roman! I loved that he thought of it and was so happy to share it with us, but I wished that I loved it more as a first name. We are seriously tapped out of boy names. Maybe we'd consider it as a middle name, but how cute is he to think of that?

We had a lot of fun exploring the city and still have more to share with our time at the Vatican and the Trevi Fountain. Until next time...  

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