13 Random Things

This post is going to be a little all over the place and I'm really just rolling with it for whatever pops into my head. I love to come across random posts that share thoughts where I feel like I get to connect with the person behind the blog a little bit more. This will probably be just as random as the pic I'm using, but I needed something, because all posts need to have a pic, right?

1. Bed time with kids:
I used to think we had a pretty good handle on bed time with the boys. They were bathed, brushed, and story read by a certain time and then placed into bed and would fall right to sleep. Now, not so much. This was all before little nugget was really talking and now I feel like we've lost some control. They become extremely hungry right before (like we never fed them), start messing around with each other, and seem to want to prolong things constantly. They always want us to lay with them and tuck them in about 10 more times. I know one day I'll look back and miss all of this so I'm trying to take it in stride.

2. Rubbernecking:
Ugh I just can't with people. Please keep driving and mind your own business. When we were coming back from our camping trip, an 18 wheeler must have caught on fire, it was hours before, but there was such a backup just from people stopping to look. This one was kind of interesting because it was carrying milk and you could see all of the gallons in the back, but still, keep driving—please.

3. Summer ending:
I used to get really annoyed when people would say summer ends when school goes back. The fun technically ends for kids, but we still have summer up until the middle of September and I'm not one to rush the seasons, except for winter that is. We're planning on enjoying it as much as we can.

4. Excitement for fall:
This is going to sound contradictory because I love summer so much, but I also love the fall, too. This fall will be even more special with baby boy coming. I'm a little worried that I won't be able to enjoy all the things because I'll feel huge and uncomfortable, but I'm going to try and make the best of it.

5. Call the copies:
Back to driving. I drive an Explorer and it's really funny that I can tell when someone thinks I'm an unmarked cop car. You'll see them slam on their breaks or look in their mirror when I'm behind them and slow down. You would think me wearing my bright mirrored sunnies would give it away, but I'm convinced there are not a lot of smart drivers out there. Anyway, Eric and I always laugh when we go around someone and they are clenching the wheel and trying not to give us the side-eye to look and see if we are in fact a cop. We were laughing at a recent encounter, and then all of the sudden little nugget blurted out from the backseat, call the copies! We were all cracking up!

6.  TV Shows:
I feel like this summer Eric and I didn't find a good series to get into. TV over the summer sucks in my opinion. We always resort to home improvement shows, real housewives, or impractical jokers. Last year we watched bloodline and big little lies and couldn't get enough of them. I'm really looking forward to fall TV.

7. Not RSVPing:
A's 5th birthday is coming up and we're already in full on planning mode over here. He wants a reptile party #boymomlife, and he has no clue that we're surprising him with someone coming to the house with snakes, lizards, and an alligator. One thing I can't stand, when people don't rsvp. It never fails, there is always someone who doesn't bother to respond.

8. Mosquitos or Mosquitoes (I never really know):
Apparently both forms of the word are acceptable so I'm going with mosquitos because it has one less letter. Ha! Anyway, I can't stand them. We've had two treatments at our house this year because I couldn't even load the boys in the car without getting bit up. They're one of those things I want to ask God one day when I get to Heaven, why in the world did you create them?

9. Autcorrect:
It's put me in some funny situations before but I also had a complete spaced out moment the other day. Maybe it's pregnancy brain, but I sat staring at a work email and just stopped typing because I expected outlook to finish my word. Not cool.

10. All the hair:
I love our dog so much. He'll always be my first son, but recently he got a skin irritation and started losing a lot of hair. Apparently everything is fine and it's more of an allergy, but the hair, it's too much. We have this medicated shampoo for him that we have to use and seriously his hair seems to be everywhere. I'm vacuuming twice a day and it still doesn't seem to be enough.

11. Pregnancy thoughts:
I can't believe that on Friday I'll be in my third trimester. I had my glucose test but my iron seems to be low so I'll be on supplements. Which I guess isn't so bad. We still have no name options. I know we'll narrow some down but for some reason we can't commit to any.

12. School supplies:
I took A shopping for school supplies because we got a list of things he needs and would you believe he tried to pick out a $60 puma backpack. I was like, hold up, you're how old and this is how much?! In his defense, he thought the puma looked like the tiger from Tiger Schulmann's which is a karate school that he wants to try out. Thankfully he settled on a $19 frog backpack.

13. Laundry:
I can't seem to keep up with it. Tonight Eric and I folded three loads and put them away. I'm always trying to pawn it off on him. I know, I know, just fold it and get it taken care of. I'm sitting here glancing at two more loads that need to be done and I just can't do it. 

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