Friday Favorites-Road Toad Official Adventures Begin

Happy Friday, friends! This week has been a doozy for us with non-stop working on our Airstream to try and get as much done as possible with it. What I've come to realize is that Eric and I seem to work best under pressure and that's when we really kick it into overdrive to get things done. If you saw my stories last night we were up all kinds of late out there. It was way past my bedtime that when I went to hit publish on this, I didn't realize until this morning that I made up a new word, journies. Womp womp. I've since corrected and changed the title to adventures (insert emoji hand to face). 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Airstream: 

it's official, our Airstream adventures begin this weekend! We are so excited to finally have the Road Toad out on the road. If you caught my stories this week, I shared some updates and also asked for your help on a wallpaper pattern for our bathroom. I am overwhelmed by how much you all love the updates so I will try to keep them coming and will definitely be doing some dedicated posts here as well. We are about 95% done with it and for now just roughing out the last 5%. It's completely functional, but there are still some last minute touches and decor pieces that we are working on until we have it to a point where we can say we are 100% done. That won't stop us from having some fun and this time of year is perfect for taking it out when it's not too crazy hot. It was so thoughtful when one of my co-workers gave me this picture that she cross stitched for us. I love how it came out and I thought that was just the sweetest.

2. Kitchen Table Refurbish Project: 

Have you ever had a piece of furniture in your house that's just there, serving its purpose, but you really don't care for it? That's how I always felt about our kitchen table. Call it nesting, call it getting bit by the creative bug, whatever it was, I knew I wanted our kitchen table to have a facelift. And it was time. 

After cleaning it off one morning, it was pancake day so hello sticky syrup, I saw so many scratch marks on it and those cushions on the chairs, oh my Lord did they need some help. I did what most people do and turned to Pinterest to find out how hard or easy it would be to refinish the table. I can always appreciate an honest post that gives the ins and outs of things to help eliminate frustration. After reading several, I thought to myself, oh it's on! We got this and can so do this. And you know what? I am loving how it came out! We will obviously need to get another table over time since this one only has four chairs, but I'm tired of not enjoying things while I have them and always waiting until I say, the next time I buy this, or do that. If I have it, might as well enjoy it.

3. Free Diapers Giveaway: 

I think we can all agree that we all know someone who could use free diapers. In case you missed it, I'm hosting a giveaway with IncrediBundles for one lucky winner to win a 3 month subscription of  free diapers shipped right to their door. Oh yes, you read that right! Today is the last day to enter so head to my instagram (@beautifully_candid) to enter. Even if you don't need them, it would be great to tag a parent who could use them. I promise, I try to share some fun things on my insta and really enjoy connecting with my community.

4. Library Love: 

After what felt like the never ending period of rain clouds looming over us, we finally got some nicer weather yesterday and are hoping for sunny skies this weekend. When it rains my boys get stir crazy and always want to be outside. I don't mind them jumping in puddles and having fun, but not when it's lightning and thundering out. We made a few trips to the library and they each got to pick two movies and two books. Little nugget was cracking me up moving the stool around and going up and down to make his picks. He reminded me of a little old man. He was so particular about his choices until Peter Rabbit ended up coming home with us.

5. Favorite Purchases: 

With labor day weekend right around the corner, it always ends up being one of my favorite weekends because it's my birthday weekend and I get an extra day off of work. Since the boys don't go back to school until the 6th I also took off a few extra days and we're planning on going on another Airstream adventure. I found this adorable tee that I thought would be perfect to wear and I also found this fun tee for under $4!

Little nugget is in love with his Adidas 2.0 sneakers and at one point we gave in and let him go to sleep with them. You pick and choose your battles, right? He's since outgrown them but he loved them so much and always called them his soccer shoes. Since I mentioned last week that they'll both be playing this year, I went ahead and got them new sneakers to kick off the school year. I found the ones he loves on sale and also picked up a pair for A. Now, I don't really know if waiting until school starts for them to wear them will actually happen. I made the mistake of letting them open the boxes when they came in the mail. We all get a little excited about fun mail now don't we.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all the link up fun.

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