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I really wish I had more time on my hands to do crafts and projects with the boys. A loves doing projects, drawing, and using all the glue. But between juggling all of life's craziness, working full time, and everything else that comes into play, it's probably one of the last things on my priority list. 

Over the summer my mom helped us out with the boys and watched them one day a week so they didn't have to be in camp every day. She was great with doing all of these fun arts and crafts with them. She also home schooled me until I was in 8th grade along with my other brothers and sister, so these type of things seem to come natural to her. 

Me on the other hand, I'm searching through Pinterest to get some inspiration and wondering if it will come out as a Pinterest fail or a success.

I was home with the boys for an extra day last week when it happened to be a day that it rained. And rain it did, all.day.long. After going a bit stir crazy, A asked if we could do some projects. I had them go outside for a bit to collect leaves and pine cones and then we put them in front a space heater to help dry them out. Since they both still go down for a nap, I did a little bribing and told them once they woke up the projects would be ready to go but they wouldn't dry out unless they closed their eyes. Mom win, it worked!

While they were napping I got their little table set up, place out the supplies, and had things ready for them when they came down.

They were so excited to see we were making little foxes out of leaves and homemade bird feeders. We've made the bird feeders before and they always end up being a hit so I figured why not go with something we know that works. Although, I did catch them eating the bird seed at one point, mainly the sunflower seeds, and little nugget dug into the peanut butter jar. When I asked him what he was doing? He said, what mama, I'm a bird! Oh brother, never a dull moment with these two.

For the foxes we used...

Googly eyes
Cutout construction paper for the ears (I had one request for a tail)
Pom poms for a nose

For the bird feeders we used...

Pine cones
Peanut butter
bird seed

I love simple projects that are age appropriate for my guys so they feel accomplished and don't get frustrated. These are both super easy and I love that you can incorporate things from nature and send them on a hunt beforehand to collect the supplies. Everything else we happened to have laying around so it worked out really well.

Now it's your turn to share some crafts or a DIY. I can't wait to see what you've come up with because I can use all the fall project inspiration for myself! Maybe one year I will tackle that wreath.

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