5 Favorites From October

Happy Friday, friends! We made it to the end of the week and this one seemed to fly by for us. Of course it was busy one but that seems to be the norm lately. I'm not looking forward to winter or it getting much colder around here, but I am looking forward to having time at home with baby boy to enjoy the holidays and hopefully have a slower pace. 

Speaking of time, because isn't that something we all start reflecting on as we get older, how is this the last Friday of October? I decided for this favorites post I'm going to do a little recap of the month and look back on some of my favorite moments.

1. Apple and Pumpkin Picking: 

this is always one of my favorite traditions to do around this time of year and it's gotten even more exciting over as the boys get older. We still have some apples we're working on and the boys love snacking on them and dipping the slices in peanut butter. That always seems to be a request right before bed though, so I'm not sure if it's actually been a favorite snack of the season or more of a stall tactic.  You can read more about our apple and pumpkin adventures here.

2. Airstream Camping: 

if you caught my insta stories over the weekend then you probably saw we had our last camping trip of the season. It's hard to believe we'll be packing up the Airstream and getting ready to winterize it. It makes me sad to think about but also excited to know that we have something to look forward to in the spring. I never did get around to doing a big reveal post for it, and at this point, I think I might just wait until the spring instead of rushing to put something together. When we are getting it ready to pack up for the winter, I will try to do a little tour in my stories since that has been the most requested by so many of you.

We made our way to Hickory Run State Park for our last adventure and I'm really proud that we ventured out of the typical campsite locations we stayed at before. There was so much to see and explore here. The boys had so much fun at boulder field and pretended to be cheetahs on the rocks.

We also went on a family hike to Hawk Falls. The temperature really dropped over night while we were there and it was pretty chilly the next day. Thankfully we had some things with us to bundle up. We even saw some snow flurries falling down as we were making our way through the trails.

We also made our way into the town of Jim Thorpe where they were having a fall foliage festival. We didn't know it was going on but the sign said it was running for three weekends and that was the last weekend. Wouldn't you know, there was no real foliage. Everything was still green. I can only image how amazing that place must look when the leaves do change. It's basically a little town that is surround by mountain peaks.

3. A's birthday:  

October has also turned into one of my favorite months because it's A's birthday. We had so much fun celebrating our now five year old and throwing him the best reptile party we could have. He still talks about it which makes everything so worth it. He's is still asking about getting that hedgehog though, and now they've even come up with a name for him. They sure know how to work their parents.

4. Maternity Pictures: 

I shared earlier this week some of our maternity pictures that were captured by my amazing sister. I can't help but smile every time I look at these. The countdown is officially on for baby boy as this week made one month until his due date. To be honest, I'm not sure it's officially sunk in that he will be here soon. This pregnancy has felt like it went by extremely fast and then other days it feels like I've been pregnant forever.

5. Soccer Boys: 

I've also been enjoying watching the boys play soccer this month. It's a far cry difference from how everything played out last year. There hasn't been crying and running off of the field, or yelling that they don't want to play. It seems like they are really enjoying it. I'm also really thankful I'm able to leave work early to be there with them. I was only able to make it to one game last year and I knew something needed to change this year. I know every mom has their challenges but being a working mom is no joke. I struggle with thinking about how I'm going to make all of this work as they get older, but for now, I'm just trying to take it one day at a time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all of the link up fun.

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