Funny Things My Kids Have Said During Pregnancy

I have to say, being pregnant this time around with two little ones has been nothing short of interesting. Aside from the exhaustion and still needing to care for them, house work that needs to be done, and maybe even more messes because they're older now—some pretty funny things have come out of their mouth regarding my growing belly. 

It's been a long time since I shared some of the things they say, so I thought it would be would a good time to document some of these silly phrases here. Now, a lot of this happens to revolve around some humor related to bodily functions, so if that isn't your thing I respect that and I'll see you next post. But if you're up for some little boy "toilet talk" (which we try not to condone in our home) then you might get a kick out of some of this.

I think with this pregnancy I started showing so much sooner than I did before, so feeling bigger has really been from the start. I know my hips have expanded and I'm hoping that with some hard work I'll be back to feeling more like myself next year. Well, A has certainly taken note of that too and really seems to have drawn an attraction to my "big booty" (or is it bootie?) as he likes to call it. In fact, he's made not one but several comments about it. The first one was, wow mama your belly is getting almost as big as your booty. Geez, thanks son I haven't noticed. The one that really stuck out to me was when he asked me, mama, did daddy marry you because you have a big booty? Completely shocked by what he said, the only thing I could mutter out of my mouth was, why don't you go ask your father. As a parent you try really hard not to laugh and encourage these things, but sometimes you just can't help it.

Continuing with the whole booty talk, I'm not even going to try and sugarcoat it or pretend that girls don't pass gas or have to go to the bathroom. I know some people might be mortified by this, but with a house full of boys and very little that embarrasses me, I'm just going to put it out there. Yes, I pass gas (please don't think any less of me). One morning while we were all laying in bed one happened to creep out. It was an odd sounding one and both of the boys shot up from laying down and looked at me. I just kind of smirked and shrugged my shoulders. Little nugget said, mama! I just heard the baby talking to us! My eyes got really big and both Eric and I started laughing. A chimed in and said, yeah I think I heard him say, helllooooo.

Since I'm now 34 weeks, my stomach is really out there and my belly button has started looking a little weird. It hasn't really popped out, but it doesn't look like it did before. Anyway, little nugget seems to think that the baby is going to come out of my belly button and has mentioned that several times.  The other day, A lifted up my shirt and wanted to see my belly. When he saw my belly button he gasped. I asked him what was wrong and he said, mama I think the baby's eye is popping out of your belly. I laughed and told that was actually my belly button. He proceeded to say, well that's disgusting.

There have also been some really cute moments too. Like when we're shopping they'll ask if they can buy things for the baby, or if they see something that comes in threes they'll say the other one is for their brother. Little nugget will remind me that I shouldn't eat sugary things or when I tell him that I can't have things like hotdogs, he'll say, oh right, because what mama eats the baby eats. He's also asked me, mama if the baby's swimming around in your belly will he know how to swim when he comes out? I think that was a logical question.

Like most pregnancies I'm sure a lot of us find ourselves rushing to the bathroom more frequently and constantly having to go. Well, one night I was coming up the stairs and it must have been some extra pressure weighing down on me because in a matter of seconds I had to go. Like right then and there. Of course our dog Coaty was also running up the steps and wanted to cut me off from making it to the bathroom. You can probably figure out that I didn't make it in time. Thankfully it wasn't a full on out disaster, but because I was yelling for the dog to get out of the way, the boys came running over and realized what happened. A few days later little nugget had an accident at school during nap time and we had to bring his nap mat home to wash. We brought it back the next morning and as he was carrying it in and gave it to his teacher he thought it was important to let her know, it's ok that I had an accident, mama had one the other day.

We were sitting around the dinner table one night and somehow the topic of how does the baby eat came up. I think it had something to do with little nugget saying he wanted to feed the baby chicken nuggets and we told him the baby can only have milk until he has teeth and can eat like a big boy. Somehow in a quick downward spiral my boobs and milk were now the topic. It was like a light bulb went off for them. Little nugget asked me if the baby can have chocolate milk? I told him no, not chocolate milk but special milk for babies. I could see A thinking about something and before I knew it I was asked, well if we squeeze your boobs will chocolate milk come out for us? I kind of just gave him this look and told him, no. It definitely doesn't work like that.

Have your kids ever said anything funny during your pregnancy or maybe to a friend that was pregnant? Or maybe you don't have kids but you've witnessed some funny topics. I'd love to hear them so I know I'm not alone. 

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