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Happy Friday, friends! I hope the week has been a good one for you. It's been a whirlwind over here and I can't believe next week is already Thanksgiving. It looks like Thanksgiving will be even more different this year because we'll probably be in the hospital. We also got some snow yesterday and the boys had an early dismal. I'm not sure I'm ready for it to be snowing and freezing cold yet, but there is something really special about the first snowfall.

I wanted to give a quick baby update before I get into my favorites. Thank you so much to everyone who's sent me messages, and DMs on instagram asking how I'm holding up. You all are amazing and it means so much to me. It looks like things are progressing in the right direction and there is a possibility that he could come this weekend. That's what I'm really praying for, but babies have a mind of their own. If he doesn't, then more than likely I will be induced (which I'm terrified about) on Tuesday so that the team of doctors can be ready for us and on hand. I have so many emotions running through me right now. I'm excited, anxious, nervous. You name it and I've probably felt it. We are just praying hard and asking for God's presence and peace to be with us during this time and for everything to be ok once he's here. It will probably be a little quiet around here until I can get back to blogging and I can catch up with everyone. I'm not exactly sure how comfortable I'm going to feel putting him out there on social media but you're always welcome to check my instagram if I decide to share things there. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...


almost all of the leaves have fallen over here and the end of fall feels near. It was nice to get out and enjoy a nice walk admiring all of the colors. The boys love exploring and Coaty always has the biggest smile of his face when we let him off his leash to sniff around. He's always so great and stays right by us. A even asked me if he could use my camera to take a picture of little nugget. I'm so impressed with how he did! Maybe I have a new blogging buddy to take some pics for me ;) 

2. Friendsgiving:

last weekend our good friends had their annual friendsgiving. They always do such a great job with getting everyone getting together and the food is always delicious. Since we aren't sure how our Thanksgiving will be this year it was nice to get a traditional meal in with a great group of people. No judgements on the amount of food on our plates, because give me all the fixings.

3. C is for Cookies: 

we came across this adorable milk and cookie shop that of course we couldn't pass up stopping in and treating the boys. They had a bunch of different flavors and all of the ones we tried were sooo good. I got a pumpkin cookie and seriously could have eaten at least another three of them.

4. Fall Outfit: 

it's hard to believe this could be my last official maternity outfit that I share. I had high hopes of putting together some really cute looks and showing off my growing bump, but a lot of times I was just too exhausted and didn't want to spend a lot of money on an extensive maternity wardrobe that I might not ever wear again. I have been loving simple dresses with staple fall accessories and shared more about it here.

5. Shopping Finds:  

This section contains affiliate links in which I get commission for purchases or clicks made at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support.

I hit some great sales this week and couldn't pass up on the opportunity to cross off a few more things from my Christmas lists for others. Every year we do an elf on the shelf welcome breakfast for our boys and our elf, Alvin, always brings them a few little things. We're hoping to take some Christmas card pictures after the baby gets here and I'm leaning towards going with a buffalo plaid/red and black plaid theme. I couldn't pass up these matching hats for the boys and for Eric. I also came across this blanket wrap that they have in two different patterns and is currently on sale for $12! I picked up one for myself and a few for gifts. You can never go wrong with flip top gloves and I love that they have these in so many colors, and they're also on sale.

A needed a new coat for the winter but all of the ones I was coming across were so puffy and he doesn't like wearing them. I ordered this one and I'm hoping it will be a good mix that isn't too puffy for him. I also loved these dino Christmas jammies for A because all of the ones from last year don't fit him anymore. Not that I expected them to, but sometimes he can be in between sizes for a while. I also picked up this makeup case and how cute is this canva lunch tote? I couldn't resist these super cozy cable knit pom slipper socks (currently 40% off) and in so many colors to choose from. And last but not least I picked up this duo car seat head support for baby boy because I actually have no idea where are other one is. This one was really cute and very reasonable.

Speaking of shopping and the holidays, in case you missed it we had our monthly girl chat link up yesterday where we shared some tips for juggling the holiday season. There were a lot of great suggestions that might be helpful so be sure to check it out.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones next week!

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