Goals For November

You've probably heard me mention around here several times that pregnancy brain has been a real struggle lately. Well, it may progressively be getting worse. Let's talk about the beginning of this week. I dropped the boys off at school like I would any other Monday and headed into work. I wrote the date a bunch of times, saw emails with the date on it but it wasn't until I was getting ready to leave work that it clicked. I kept saying, 11/5, 11/5 what's up with 11/5? Then out of no where a light bulb went off. My eyes got huge as I was logging off of my computer and I realized, ekkk it was picture day for the boys. 

I tried to remember what they were wearing, did we do their hair, were their jeans clean, wait did they even brush their teeth? At this point it was too late and there was nothing I could do. When I got to their school, A proudly told me he took pictures that day, and I found out little nugget's weren't until the following day. Thankfully they let A go again the next day and even took pictures of the boys together. I'm not considering it a fail but actually a win. 

After all of that, and several other little things that have come up, it got me thinking. Baby boy could really be here at any moment so we should probably get our act in order. We're a family that's a mix of planning things out in advance but also flying by the seat of our pants. It just works for us. Regardless if we make lists and cross things off as we go, or wake up and decide we need to do something different that day, we always have some sort of goal in mind for what we need to accomplish.

Here's some of my goals for November...

Pack Hospital Bag: 

this is something that has crossed my mind several times but when I think about it I'm usually already laying down in bed and can't bring myself to waddling around the room to get things together. It will get done at some point. 

More Attention To My Big Boys: 

I realize that all of our lives will be changing soon and I'm trying my best to let the dishes be, have the roomba clean my floors, and take the extra time to snuggle with the boys, watch a show with them, and have special little moments. 

Be ok With Thanksgiving This Year: 

we usually host Thanksgiving but with baby boy being due the day after we've had to tell everyone it's probably better to make other plans. I'm not planning on cooking and if he still hasn't come by then we're probably just going to keep it low-key and maybe even order in or go out. I'm also really sad that we'll be missing the Philly parade this year since it's been a tradition of ours now since A was a baby. There's always next year, right?

Finish Christmas Shopping: 

I've already picked up something's here and there but would love to really get majority of our shopping taking care. Once baby boy is here if I can't order it online then chances are someone won't be getting it. Gift cards might be my go-to this year. 

Laugh a Little More: 

this has been a really emotional month for me with so many unknowns and reality starting to sink in. I've done a lot of crying and a lot of worrying, but sometimes there are those moments when God puts a reminder in your path that snaps things back into perspective for you. I was reading one of my devotionals on my bible app and this came up...We must remember that God is the author of our life. Once we submit to Him, He strengthens us in all situations so that our priorities then shift. What we once planned for our own lives may take an unplanned turn. "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength" Philippians 4:13

Take Help When Offered: 

You know what they say, many hands make light work. That's not always something I've adapted to easily over the years. I also think that if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself (that actually depends on who you have helping you). We've had some sweet friends offer help and being able to have an extra hand around really makes a difference. 

Have a Baby: 

Oh the waiting game. I've never gone early with any of my pregnancies yet but I am secretly (I guess it's not really a secret anymore) hoping that he comes before Thanksgiving. Whenever he decides to make his appearance as long as him and I are safe that's the important part. 

What about you, do you make monthly goals or usually wing it?

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