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Turkey, ham, cookies, gifts, home decor...oh my! The holidays can be a time of togetherness, traditions, love, and so much more. But it can also be a time of stress, sadness, and some people (gasp) just aren't that into them. Wherever you fall on the all things holiday cheer meter, that's ok. 

This month for our girl chat link up topic, we are discussing ways to help juggle the holidays. If you're the one hosting, traveling, going the extra mile with things, or are a big shopper, there are times when the holidays can leave your head spinning. 

I'm sharing ways that have helped me to enjoy, de-stress, and have a calmer holiday season. 


this might sound good in theory, but trust me, it makes such a difference when you don't have to battle the crowds, worry about last minute ideas, if your packages will arrive in time, or stress about what to get. I won't say that I still don't have my moments where I need to run out for that last minute thing, but making a dent and really getting a head start, is really helpful. I've also gotten into the habit of picking things up throughout the year and keeping a section in our attic for gifts. I also take a picture of what I got with my phone so I don't forget about it up there and we know what we got. We hit a major sale at Target last year and got most of the boys shopping done way back when. 


speaking of gifts, I try my best to get things that I know people could use or need. Instead of getting little things that might never get used, we like to go more practical or treat someone to something they've had their eye on. If it's buying for family, I try to pay attention to little things throughout general conversations that might spark a gift idea. If you spend majority of your time looking for that perfect gift (whatever that might be) then you better start early.  


one of the best things about having little ones has been the traditions we've started with them and some that we've carried over from both mine and Eric's childhood. While there are a lot that we would like to stick to, sometimes it might not be realistic to get them all accomplished in the holiday season. Like this year, I shared how we won't be making it to the yearly Thanksgiving parade. We also might have to push our yearly elf on the shelf welcome breakfast back a week or two instead of doing it Thanksgiving weekend. My suggestion is to focus on the traditions you are able to keep up with and try not to get discouraged if you can't get to all of them.


I know we all want amazing pictures to put on our holiday card to send out to friends and loved ones, but in a Pinterest driven society and age of digital cameras, it can be so easy to get caught up in wanting the perfect shot. There's nothing wrong with hoping for that, but if it causes you more stress or you have unrealistic expectations, is it really worth it? I've shared several times about our failed attempt one year that ended up turning into being one of my favorites. 


sometimes it can be so hard to get everyone together on that one specific day to celebrate. The best thing we did was change things up last year and had everyone over on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas day. It made the day so much more relaxing and allowed others to have more flexibility with how they wanted to spend the day. We also enjoyed getting together over Thanksgiving weekend instead of just keeping it to that Thursday.


if you're the one hosting it's so important to focus on your guests. While the decor and little details are also great, there's nothing like coming to someone's house and feeling welcomed and relaxed. We set out throw blankets, allow people to kick their shoes off, have extra fuzzy socks to put on, and plenty of comfy seating. Most people want to relax and lounge around (especially after that big meal) and sometimes sitting at the table all night isn't what everyone prefers. The more you can make people feel right at home the more others will want to come over. 


this goes back to the hosting aspect of things, don't be afraid to have someone lend a helping hand. Most people want to help, and will offer. People enjoy feeling needed. You can keep some of the small tasks for when guests arrive to help out with instead of you running around like a chicken with a head cut off throughout the whole day. You can also have people bring side dishes or desserts to help with the overall meal.


there's something really special about extending our time to give back to others. I don't know about you, but every time we participate in something philanthropic or give to someone else in need, it is such a humbling and rewarding feeling. Of course these are things that should be done all throughout the year, but they can feel even more important around the holidays. When we take a step back from the focus being on us it really puts things into perspective. 


I'll never forget the first time we hosted Thanksgiving I spent majority of my time in the kitchen and before I knew it everyone was leaving and we barely got a chance to visit with each other. I was so exhausted by the end of it and sad that it went by so fast. After that I made a promise to myself, the dishes can stay in the sink, the cleanup can wait, but the memories and moments created with family need to happen. Ever since then we leave the cleanup for after and make sure we take time to visit with each other.


as much as the holidays can be such a special and joyous time they can also be a really sad reminder for others. It could be someone spending the holiday without their mother or a loved one, someone who has been trying for a baby is reminded that it hasn't happened yet, or financial reminders for someone who isn't able to give like they want to. Kindness always goes a long way and showing love and support to others can make such a difference. 

Now it's your turn to share some of your tips. I can't wait to see what you've come up with because I can always use some new suggestions and inspiration.

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