Elf On The Shelf North Pole Breakfast

Before I knew that a north pole breakfast was a thing, we always threw a welcome back breakfast for our dear friend, Alvin. If you've been following along for a while now then you know I have a lot of fun putting this breakfast together. It might be my favorite part of the whole elf on the shelf experience.

We usually have our elf come back the weekend of Thanksgiving but with baby boy being born right before we decided to hold off for another week. I have to say, it's not so bad having him come a little later because this whole elf thing is a big commitment, and mainly for the parents.

I know some people who wait and have their elf come back the week before Christmas. The more I think about it, they might be the smart ones. Regardless of when your elf comes, I think we can all agree it adds a little extra holiday cheer and it's so fun to see our kids reactions.

We first started this tradition when A was two years old, you can see our previous breakfast here, here, and here. We might have been a little anxious to get everything going because he didn't really get it at that point. I think three might be the magic age because we even see now that this year little nugget also really gets it. He's had some great questions and logical reasons to things about our elf.

Our elf usually leaves them a little message in the morning on a small chalkboard that I have. The one morning he addressed it to just A and little nugget. They both asked about why he didn't say anything their baby brother C. I had to come up with something really quick for that one. I went with the line that until he knows right from wrong Alvin will just be focusing on the two of them. Just like he didn't come to our house until A knew right from wrong. They bought it, or at least I think they did, because they haven't asked about it since.

Our poor elf has also fallen twice from the spots where we moved him, and coaty almost got him once. Crisis adverted with a magic spatula and a new dog toy.

Let's get back to the actual breakfast. We love us some pancakes around here and spending time in the kitchen on the weekends. Anything from keeping them simple to putting together some of our green pancakes. This year I went with classic pancakes, a little frosting, and some special candy cane shaped sprinkles. I picked up some powdered donuts and these fun candy cane lollipops. I always like to give our breakfasts a theme so this year it was the jingle jangle breakfast. Our elf brought them a few small gifts and also their advent calendars.

Our littlest elf made his debut but with milk being on his menu he was more occupied with that. It will be even more special next year when he'll already be a year and will hopefully be enjoying those pancakes just as much as we all do.


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