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I can't believe it's been a whole other year of our girl chat link up. I've had such a fun time connecting with all of you and sharing our monthly topics. Unfortunately this will be our last one though. Sometimes life just happens and priorities shift. We hope you've all enjoyed linking up with us, and you never know, maybe we will pick it up again at a later time. 

For this month our topic is talking about our favorite ornament or ornaments. I really wish I had my act more together because this is such a great topic. A lot of the ornaments we have mean something special to us and always bring back some fun memories. This year, things have been a little different around for the holidays. In case you missed it, I shared recently that we are moving and have been renovating our new home. With all of that going on, oh, and add in there that I now have a one month old as of today (how did that happen??) life has been crazy over here. Actually, that might be an understatement. Any how, our tree has not gone up yet and our decorations are tightly packed away. Thankfully that will be changing this weekend because no matter what, when my boys wake up on Christmas there will be a tree and some decorations out for them. 

With those decorations comes some of my favorite ornaments (just not all pictured here at the moment). Ever since Eric and I got engaged in the Dominican Republic we have been purchasing an ornament from all of our trips. They've become some of our favorites and it's always fun to reminisce about our time away. We hope to one day have a specific travel tree. 

Some of my other favorite ornaments have been the ones that the kids have made us with their handprints or a little craft. I also love their baby's first Christmas ornaments. I actually have my ornament from my first Christmas that my mom gave to me.

Since I'm slacking in the ornament picture taking right now, I'm sharing some throwback pictures. It technically is #throwbackthursday, so there we go.

Now it's your turn to share some of your favorites.

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