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I don't know about you, but this is one of my favorite times of year to receive mail. How fun is it to see all of the Christmas and Holiday cards arriving? I love that my boys enjoy coming home from school and taking turns opening all the envelops we receive. They get so excited to see who the cards are from and they especially love when it's a card from one of their friends.

As chaotic and unorganized as things feel right now, hello moving with a newborn and doing a complete home renovation (yeah we might be nuts), there was one thing I accomplished this week—sending out our Christmas cards. It may have been in the midst of tons of packing boxes (they also double as a work space when tapped up) but they're stamped, and out in the mail, and hopefully will bring some holiday cheer to those that open them.

This year we sent out our cards a little later because we wanted to wait until baby boy arrived to take family pictures. Since we didn't have a chance to send out a birth announcement for him (poor third child), we knew we wanted to go all out with our cards this year. I wanted to pick something that gave us several photo options. Because sometimes, you have a few good ones (that doesn't always happen so praise hands when it does) that you really want to show off.

I think sometimes we can all feel pressure (especially around this time of year) to get things done right away and cross everything off our lists. While I love feeling accomplished, I also realize that sometimes that isn't always reality. Especially in the season of life we're in right now. Thanks to good old instagram polls, I asked my community who already sent out cards and who still needed to. I was actually shocked at how many people still needed to, and in a weird way, it kind of made me feel a little better. I also realized that part of the fun in receiving cards, is getting them all throughout the month.

So back to our card, when I came across this tri-fold card design from Shutterfly I knew it was a great choice for us. I love how the options for photos were big so that we could squeeze all of our family in there, and coaty too. We also personalized the message and had even more options for more photos on the back of the card. The tri-fold design was a great feature and a nice change from some of the more traditional flat designs (all still great, too) that we've sent out in previous years.

One of my favorite things that Shutterfly offers is to address the envelopes with both the recipients and your return address. I can't tell you how much time this has saved me. And at this point, I could use every second I get to my days. I love the different fonts and designs you can choose from to stick with the theme of your card or to make it feel more like your own personal touch. 

Here's to all the happy mail and finding options that make your card designs extra special. 

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