Traded In My Beanie For My Fedora And A Few Random Things

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Oh, east coast winters. You have never been my favorite, but we manage to get along and pull through until the next season. I'm usually bundled up, running to and from the house to my car, and trying to get the kids buckled in before we all turn to icicles.  

Every now and then we'll get a few mild days and that's when all of us feel so much better. One of those days happened to be this week so I took advantage of breaking out my semi winter outfit. It was more so fall inspired, but who really says you can't wear mustard or a fedora in the winer? If you follow me on instagram (@beautifully_candid) then you might have seen a few weeks ago I shared some polls and asked you all to help me do some shopping. This sweater was one I shared and decided to get it in this mustard color (since sold out but available and on sale in ivory). 

It got me thinking, so many colors are related with seasons that sometimes it feels odd to be wearing them outside of that. It's a rare occasion to see someone wearing a coral colored sweater or a wine colored sundress. But I say, if you like it, go for it. 

Trader Joe's Flowers: 

The other day I needed to do some errands and of course it happened to be a day that it was pouring rain. When I got to the boys school and went to unload everyone, I realized the stroller was in Eric's car and not in my trunk. Womp, womp. Let's just say it made shopping in a down pour veryyyy interesting. But, I did come across a lot of people who were more than willing to hold doors and load things into my car #goodpeoplestillexist. I stopped by Trader Joe's and their lovely flower section caught my eye and these pretty sunflowers made their way home with me. It was the perfect pop of color to add a little cheer to our space.

Home Decor: 

We sold a lot of our things before we moved because we knew there was a lot we didn't want to take with us. I feel like now that I have this blank slate it's been even harder to make a decision on how to furnish it. Some of what I have in mind doesn't seem to be in furniture stores and they all say to check online. That's always my first stop, but sometimes you need to see it in person. We ordered our bedroom furniture online and to be honest, I'm not in love with it.

All The Crumbs: 

I just want to give a shoutout to my Roomba. That little robot sweeper helps keep my floors clean from my crumb monsters. We try so hard to limit eating and snacking at the table, but somehow goldfish crumbs make their way everywhere. 

Girl, Get Your Nails Did: 

I admit, up until the other day my nails haven't been painted since Christmas. That might have been the longest I've ever gone. Let's not even talk about my toes. And, of course with all of the bottle washing going on around here they've already started to chip. I've also never gotten a spray tan before but have one scheduled this week and I have no clue what to expect. I remember when my roommates in college got one and my other roommate and I were cracking up because they looked like they had been rolling around in the dirt. Let's hope they've improved in the last 10 years. 

Precious Moments: 

We had friends come over to visit with us and they had their two kids with them who were the cutest and so well behaved. My boys know how to use their manners and listen, but they definitely have their moments. Especially when people come over, it seems like it's purposeful and they think, how can we embarrass mom and dad now. Anyway, their son was so precious and kept calling baby C, baby Jesus. It could not have melted my heart anymore.

Unapologetically Me: 

I don't want this to come off the wrong way or seem that I am being insensitive at all. I truly appreciate and value this blogging community, but sometimes it really irks me when people apologize for taking time away from blogging. I understand this is a career for many, but I don't really understand the need to apologize for stepping away. Don't get me wrong, I love reading all of your comments and interacting with all of you, but family, life, or just needing a break will always come first and that's something I'm just not sorry for. No hard feelings just had to get that off my chest. 

sweater outfit
Photobomb and Video Mishap:

On a lighter note, you guys, I have been cracking up. Here I am trying to look cute taking some pictures of the outfit I was feeling and Coaty had no shame and completely photobomb me. I shared this in my stories and so many of you thought it was the funniest thing, so obviously I had to share it here. 

One of our good friends had a private gender reveal that they did at our house and had my sister and I take pictures and also capture it on video. Wellll, we were all sitting on the couch after and somehow part of my birth story came up so my sister, Eric, and I were talking about it. It was at the same time she was editing her video to send to her family and it somehow recorded our conversation. The volume on her phone was down and she didn't realize it even happened until she sent the video to her parents. I don't think I've stopped laughing since and I've watched it a ton of times. Eric and I will randomly start cracking up and we both know what we're laughing it. On that note (because there's a lot of notes around here), happy laughing friends and let's keep on smiling.

Outfit Details: Sweater (similar here and here) | Jeans: here | Shoes: here | Fedora: here 

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