Friday Favorites-First Snow

Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone had a great week. Like most weeks this one seemed to fly on by leaving me feeling accomplished, yet not, all at the same time. Isn't it weird how that can happen? We have a big appointment today with baby C and his craniofacial team and there is a possibility we might find out a projected lip surgery date. I want to thank all of you so much for your prayers for him. A quick update, he has started to gain some weight and is now thankfully over his birth weight. We are praying we continue to see him thrive. His hernia surgery has been scheduled for Monday, and while I know it's a fairly common procedure, this mama is still a nervous wreck. I just keep reminding myself to be grateful this is fixable and that God has it all under control. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from this week...

1. First official snowfall of winter: 

if you remember we got hit with a snow storm in mid November which was incredibly early for us (and not technically winter yet). I can remember just thinking and praying that Baby C would stay put because the roads were a mess and it took Eric almost 5 hours to get home from work that day. He did stay put, and once Eric made it home we were all safely snuggled on the couch. This time, the snow waited until after the new year, which is more like it. We were also graced with a dusting which is my kind of snow. 

There's something so magical and peaceful about seeing the snow fall. We woke up to a fresh coat of white and A and little nugget couldn't wait to get outside to play in it. This was the first time we were seeing snow on our Christmas trees out back and it was such a beautiful sight. Of course we had to take advantage and snap some pictures by them. We also bundled up C, the poor kid could barely even move, and we took him out there for a few minutes as well. This was his first glimpse of snow and from the looks of it, he wasn't impressed. We'll give him a pass though. If he's anything like his brothers he'll be out there running around and enjoying it in the next few years to come.

2. Winter outfit:

speaking of snow, I couldn't resist breaking out my blanket scarf and warm boots. If we're going to have snow might as well enjoy what we are wearing in it, right? I shared more about this outfit here.

3. Girls lunch:

since I already had my warm winter outfit on, it was the perfect opportunity to wear it out to lunch with the girls. One of the best things about moving is being closer to so many of our friends. It's so nice to be able to see them more often and not have to drive hours to get together. It's always great being able to see them and I look forward to many more times to come.

4. Home update:

I'm all kinds of excited because we finally have our backsplash up and hardware on our cabinets! We went with a marble herringbone pattern to offset the white a bit. I love an all white bright kitchen and tossed around the idea of just doing standard white subway tile, but the more we were in this space, the more I realized I wanted a little variation. I really like how it came out and now it feels so much more complete. We still have to put up the hood, we're waiting on the faucet to get here, and I am having a hard time deciding on bar stools for the island (why can't I find what I have in my head). For now, I'm just taking it all in and admiring it all. 

If you caught my insta stories then you saw that I'm having conflicting feelings about the color I went with for the center squares of our coffered ceiling. I love the color, but I think we really wanted a wow factor when you walk through the door and that color is just blending too much and not bringing your eye up. My poll was pretty 50/50 on whether to keep it or go darker. The more I think about it, I think I'm leaning towards having them paint it darker.

5. Favorite finds:

I haven't been doing a ton of shopping lately, because number one, my closet still isn't done and most of my things are still packed away. And two, majority of my purchases have been things for the house which I'm hoping to put some renovation posts together soon with some of the products we bought. And three, I'm trying to be a lot more intentional with what I buy instead of things that will just get tossed to the back of the closet and not used. Butttt, I do love window shopping, or is it screen browsing for online? Not exactly sure. Anyway, I came across some cute finds for Valentine's day that I am trying to narrow down what I would like more or get more use out of. 

This pajama set is so adorable and I would consider wearing the sweatshirt on its own. I also think this patchwork heart sweater is so cute and can be worn any time. I also love that there's now a set of family tees so everyone can join in on the fun. I've been picking up some little trinkets here and there for the boys since I like to do a special Valentine's Day breakfast for them. I try to stay away from a lot of candy because they always end up getting so much. I saw these color your own water bottle kits and thought it was such a fun idea. I haven't been able to come across any geared towards boys, but if you have a little girl I think this is would be cute. If any of you come across ones for boys you can send them my way.

I hope you have a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all the link up fun. 

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