Winter Outfit Idea-Blanket Love

It didn't take much time after the new year for the first official snowfall of winter to arrive. If you caught my instagram then you might have seen I shared a peek of this winter outfit. Even though we only got a dusting, (which is my kind of snow) I was excited to break out some snowy inspired outfits.

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I love dark colors in the fall and winter, black being my go-to, and then navy is also a huge favorite of mine. If you remember, I shared this blanket scarf before the holidays when I snagged it on a major sale (It's now sold out but I am linking some of my other favorites) and picked one up for my sister in a pail pink color. Since I have a dark beanie and boots I thought I would just roll with an all dark look. A beanie and some warm boots are a must. They might as well be winter essentials. Because if my feet and head are warm then usually I'm a lot warmer.

Speaking of being warm, the boys had the best time playing out in the snow. Even though it was cold, it was a tolerable cold were they weren't complaining 956 times. We had a fluke snowfall back in November before Thanksgiving and I remember all I kept thinking that night was, please don't go into labor. It took Eric over 4 hours to get home from work and the roads were out of control. Baby C stayed put and now this was his first official snowfall. Naturally we bundled him up extra good and took him out for all of about five minutes to snap some pics. I'm hoping to put a post together for that, or if all else fails, I'll sneak it into my Friday favorites.

So about this blanket wrap, it came in a one size fits all and at first I was little skeptical. I've mentioned before I'm not the tallest person around, so sometimes I have a difficulty with the length when it comes to things. I didn't feel lost in this or that it over powered me. It was extremely comfortable to wear and great for a cozy vibe. I wore it out to lunch with some of my girls and then came home and snuggled up on the couch with it after. I mean, the word blanket is what they call it so why not, right? 


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