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Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone's been having a great week. They keep on seeming to fly by over here. I was solo parenting for a lot of last week and part of this one. Eric and A went on a big boy trip to go visit Eric's brothers in California while I was home with my little nugget and baby C. They had a great time and got to enjoy that beautiful Cali scenery and warm sun. It's one of my favorite places to visit so I'm already looking forward to the next time we make a trip out there with all of us. 

Other than that it was a typical week for me filled with doctors appointments and everyday life. They have us taping baby C's lip area down now. It's the center part right under the tip of your nose, and can I just tell you it is so hard for me to get the hanging of making a knot in the center of these tiny braces rubber bands. I've had them flinging all over the place, shooting off into the air never to be found again, popping me in the face, it's kind of comical and also frustrating at the same time. I know it's all a process and when we first started putting in his NAM and making the strips for that it felt like we would never get the hang of it, and here we are, three months later of him wearing it and we could practically do it in our sleep. Actually, we have had to do it in our sleep when he pulls it out at night. 

Anyway, here's a look at some of my favorites...

Girls Brunch: 

My sweet friend hosted a girls bubbly brunch over the weekend and it was the perfect break and social interaction I needed with my friends after having the boys by myself. When she found out I wasn't able to find a sitter for them she offered to have them come along which was so sweet of her. Thankfully they were really well behaved and little nugget made a new bff. Her adorable corgi, Reggie, is just the cutest and most dapper little man. Little nugget followed him all around and also fell in love with one of her cats. Her food was delicious, complete with a tater tot bar. Yes, please!

Special Time With The Nugget: 

As I mentioned Eric and A were away so I got to soak up a lot of one on one time with this sweet guy. It was a great week weather wise so we had a lot of walks and times of kicking around the soccer ball. It worked out well because I brought the baby's swing outside and he got to swing away while I ran around with the nugget and was able to keep an eye on the baby. I also took him to a workshop at Home Depot where he got to build a birdhouse and absolutely loved being able to hammer the nails. Give that boy a hammer (of course with supervision) and he is so happy. We finished off with a lunch at Chick Fil A and then my mom and sister came over for dinner that night.

Flowers In Bloom: 

The flowers really started to pop up all over the place around here and we are loving these new sights. I know my allergies won't be thanking me in a few weeks, but for now, I am enjoying every moment of it. I seem to get really bad when the trees start budding not necessarily flowers. It's been so fun to see baby C taking in so many first experiences. I think no matter how many kids you end up having there's something so special about enjoying these times with each of them. I shared more about our flower fun here.


We've been t-ball strong over here and I am so happy that A has been enjoying it. It's a breath of fresh air from his previous soccer days. They're getting ready for their first game so it will be interesting, and fun, to see all of them out there trying their best. Little nugget is a hard age when he's just not old enough to make the team. He's been a great sport though cheering his brother on from the sidelines. It will be fun next year to see them together again. That's one of the great benefits of having them close in age.

Favorite Finds:

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I'm happy to say that the boys Easter baskets are set. I love being able to cross things off my list earlier than expected. That rarely happens. So when it does, it's a beautiful thing. I did almost forget that I needed a basket for the baby but was able to grab one that thankfully wasn't picked over. Some of my favorite staple items and new finds that I'm adding to their baskets are things like these sunglasses, this 3D puzzle that I think A is going to love, new flip flops, The Easter Bunny's Helper book, and Happy Easter, Mouse. For the baby I got him new hanging toys for his carseat, socks, and a set of bandana bibs. I have a bunch of other little things I'll be adding too, like garden gloves, work books, some gummies, sidewalk chalk etc. 

Baby C is also turning 5 months over Easter weekend (how is that possible??). I couldn't resist this adorable bunny cap for his monthly picture. You guys know I can't resist a good pair of sunnies and when they're on sale that's an even bigger win. I know these might be a little out there for some, but they were really fun to me and sometimes I enjoy a pair that's the nigger the better. If sunglasses are a thing for me then there is no point in having a bunch that all look the same. I have been loving these oversized mustard frame ones (they also have them in brown) and almost every time I wear them I get a compliment when I'm out somewhere. I also love these half red frame glasses (also available in tortoise and taupe). I will say, they don't really seem red to me though. They are in the red family but my initial thought of them is that they're closer to coral which is perfect for summer. And these prices, you can't go wrong. I also hit a sale on this grey open front cardigan that has been perfect for these in between days. Not to mention, I'm sure I'll also get a lot of use out of this in the fall. I have been loving pieces that I can wear over multiple seasons.

I hope you have a great weekend! The boys might be getting a special visit from a very special fluffy friend. If you've been following me for a while then you probably know this is one of my favorite Easter traditions. Stay tuned to my stories for some behind the scenes. 

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