Friday Favorites-Memorial Day Weekend, Barcelona, and Half Birthday's

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you had a great week. Boy was it a busy one over here. With the short week I ended up having doctors appointments with the baby every day which kept me extra busy. I felt like I was dropping my other boys off at school and then leaving the doctors to go back and pick them up. I've been super slow at responding to comments on here (because life is just crazy) but I plan on carving out some time to respond and truly appreciate all of you that take the time to read, engage, and be apart of my blogging community. You all really are amazing and what keep me coming back to this little space. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites...

Memorial Day Weekend: 

it's been a tradition of ours for years to head to the beach to kick off the unofficial start of summer. The boys couldn't wait to get back to my in-laws beach house and even had a countdown going on. They wanted to fish, go crabbing, treasure hunting, you name it and they were excited about it, which makes me so excited because the beach has become our family happy place. The weather turned out to be perfect which is kind of rare for Memorial Day weekend around here. We usually have chillier weather or rain. It was so great to have a full weekend with perfect weather. We woke up every morning and hit the beach, we even saw dolphins two of the days we were there, relaxed, grilled, set off some fireworks, and caught the sunsets at night right on the bay. Our hearts are filled with so much gratitude for those that have given everything so that we could have weekends like this. And we're looking forward to so many more of these to come.

Barcelona Trip: 

i shared earlier this week some of our highlights from our trip to Barcelona. We had such a nice time and created so many great memories. I will be putting together some more specific posts about our time there, so if there is anything you are interested in hearing more about, just let me know.

Happy Six Months:

while we were in Spain my handsome little man turned six months. It doesn't seem real that we're half way to his first birthday (time to start the party planning ;). He also had a big week of doctors appointments and coming to some conclusions about his surgery path. If you've been keeping up with my insta stories I've shared a lot there this week about our recent journey. It was decided that he will need two lip repair surgeries. The first will take place in less than two weeks and it will be a lip adhesion. The best way I can describe it, and try to keep it short and simple, is they will be sewing his lip area together but not doing a full repair with shaping things. This will allow his columella (the center part of your lip that connects to the bride of your nose) to heal a bit. I will get into more of that a little later on when I can finally find some time to dedicate a post to all of this. I thought at first I was going to be upset about him needing additional surgeries, but it's not about me, it's about what's best for him. I will always be his biggest advocate but sometimes things are just medically necessary and I feel at peace about this decision.

Aside from all of that, he decided he wanted to start sitting up while we were in Spain and has also been rolling all around now. He will tell you one heck of a story and hearing him babble is so cute. When he locks eyes with you, it's pretty captivating. He loves to put all things in his mouth and has been gaining weight like a champ. We even had doctors tell us his weight gain is a medical miracle and something they don't see. He is such a strong little man and we know that he will conquer all of this and come out on top.

Christmas Tree Update:

remember when we planted 400 Christmas trees? Well, these little guys don't need a lot of maintenance which has been a beautiful thing because my green thumb skills are yet to be discovered. With all of the rain we've been getting it's also played to our advantage. We only lost three of the transplants and it was because the lawn guys mowed over them. Womp, womp. All of our existing trees have also sprouted so much. I mentioned before they typically only grow about a foot each year. Well it looks like that foot comes over night and all at once during the spring. Eric has been going out there and trimming them up so they keep their Christmas tree shape. There are only certain times of the year you're able to trim them without compromising their overall growth.

Favorite Finds:

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what can I say, a few of the Memorial Day sales got me and I'm not made about it. You all know I enjoy a good sale. Getting something for less or feeling like it's a good buy is always important to me. I pulled the trigger on getting the baby a one piece swimsuit. I had one for little nugget that I was hoping the baby would fit into but it's too big for him this year. Remember when I shared how my boys were all about comfy pants? Joggers to be exact. Well, it seems like that's also transitioned over into their summer wear. They love running around outside and want to be comfy doing it. I get it, comfy is key. I found these drawstring shorts for them and loved this sunflower gold color. They have small little waists so pants that are adjustable for them are a must. Our temperatures climbed really quickly here and I realized I don't have a lot of tank tops. I was pregnant all last summer and didn't purchase many things that weren't maternity. This fun polka dot top (currently on sale and also comes in maternity sizes) is great to wear casual or dress it up a bit for a night out. I also picked up some of these slim fit rib-knit tanks (also on sale and come in many colors) and these fitted tanks (currently only $5) they are great for layering or wearing on their own. As you can see from up above, baby C is wearing his mini & mighty one-piece that is super soft and adorable. I am loving one-pieces for him more and more. Since I got everyone else something I couldn't leave Eric out and picked up a few tees for him. My favorite was this soft wash palm print tee.

I think I had higher expectations for the Nordstrom sale but they do have my favorite espadrilles on sale that are hard to pass up. I already have a few pairs of them but I've had my eye on these flamingo espadrilles for awhile now and I am so tempted to jump on them. They're currently in my cart. What do you think?

While we were in Spain one of the boys ended up breaking one of the arms off of a pair of my sunglasses. I typically don't spend a lot of sunnies because I like to get fun trendy pairs, and they were already on their third season, so it wasn't a huge loss. Plus, it was an accident. I also have these sunnies in my cart and can't decide between the typical mirrored cat eye frames or the oversized round frames. What are your thoughts?

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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