Friday Favorites-Firsts of June

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it was a great week for you all. Even though it was a busy one for us it was still filled with a lot of great moments which I am always thankful for. It's nice to have a little calm with the crazy. Then it doesn't feel so crazy. I even banged out four posts (say what?!?). There was a lot of celebrations going on, from a friend's beautiful baby shower, mine and Eric's anniversary, to dinner with a good friend and all of our boys playing together. These pre-summer moments are my favorite and I can't wait for many more to come. 

Here's a look at some more favorites from the week...


Eric and I celebrated our nine year wedding anniversary this week and I still can't believe we've been married that long. We've almost known each other for 20 years and it's crazy to think that I've known him more than half of my life. Crazy in a good way, of course. Since we celebrated while we were away in Spain with an epic vineyard luncheon, we didn't plan on doing much at home. My mom came over and watched the boys and we did enjoy a nice dinner out at a BYOB that we wanted to checkout. We brought one of the bottles that we picked up at the Spanish vineyard and enjoyed a peaceful, uninterrupted dinner, with just the two of us. Other than that, we took the weekend to focus on family time and couldn't resist snapping a selfie before we made our way out the door.

Chinese Lantern Festival: 

if you caught my insta stories then you might have seen we went to a Chinese lantern festival in Philly. My best friend has been going ever since it started and this year we were finally able to all go together. The boys had a great time chasing squirrels, eating ice cream, seeing all of the lights, and of course riding the carousel (or merry-go-round, what do you call it?). It was so cute because Baby C also got to go on and enjoy his first ride. He was the cutest holding onto the poll and laughing and smiling as it went up and down. He might have spit up after it ended, but what's a good ride if you don't get sick? Womp, womp.

Twinning With My Mini: 

speaking of baby C, I had his pre-op appointment this week and it hit me really hard knowing that his little face is going to start changing forever. Even though it will only be the first of two lip surgeries, he's going to look different. As much as I'm excited for him to get closer to where he needs to be, I'm also not sure I'm ready to see that sweet and adorable gummy cleft smile disappear. I'm trying to take so many pictures of him and capture as many moments beforehand. If you caught my post earlier this week then you might have seen our twinning rompers in action and some sweet moments spent with him.

They See Me Rolling: 

sooo a thing happened. Eric can't pass up a good find and these boys got some major boy toys that they have been zipping around the yard in. I love seeing them so excited about it and I am very happy with how responsible they've been with them. The quad (or ATV, that's another one, what do you call it?) is a youth one but lucky for me I meet the requirements to be able to ride on it. I can't say it's not fun to zoom around with them.

What To Pack For Europe:

I get asked a lot about our family trips. Anything from packing, to travel deals, to what helps traveling with our kids. I put together some of my essentials for packing for Europe, but really, minus a few things these can apply to packing for any type of trip.

I hope you have a great weekend!! 

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