Jumpsuiting It Up With My Little Man

I think I might have just made up a word in my title, but I liked it, and it seemed to go (kind of). Jumpsuits (or are they rompers? I alwaysss get confused) have been my go-to this season and I can't say I'm mad about it. There have been soooo many cute ones out there and they are always so easy and effortless to me. I know it sounds super cheesy, but I have always enjoyed coordinating my outfits with my little guys. A lot of people ask me if I feel like I'm missing out on not having a little girl to dress, but I think dressing my boys is so fun! 

I had baby C's pre-op appointment yesterday and it really hit home for me that his sweet little smile and face is going to be changing forever. I'm taking in every inch of him and admiring that sweet gummy smile. I'm going to miss it so much.

We had the chance to sneak away for a bit while my in-laws watched A and little nugget to have some special moments with our handsome littlest guy. He is always so so smiley and so happy, but what I realized is, he's still getting adjusted to being out in brighter lights. Every time we go outside he puts on this stink face until we get in the shade. It looks like I need to hunt around for an awesome pair of baby sunnies for him.

To say he has such a sweet personality is an understatement. All of my boys had a sweetness about them as babies, and still do, but there is something that seems to be glowing in our littlest man that everyone around us, and even people that meet him for the first time, pick up on. It's kind of amazing to see. We know he is touching people's lives in more ways than we may even realize. 

Remember when I mentioned I picked up a new favorite romper but it seemed to be on sale and I couldn't find a link for it? Well, this is the one! News flash, I still can't find a link for it. Such a bummer when you have something so great that you want to share with others. Usually Target is on point, but I'm not sure how this ball got dropped. I did purchase this in store. I found some similar ones here, here, here, and here (maternity option) that I also tried on in store and were really cute. This one in particular won me over because the french terry is so soft and feels like you're wearing sweatpants. I thought it was going to be too hot for the summer but it wasn't at all and was really comfortable to romp around in (haha see what I did there ;)

I have a lot of things saved from my two other boys that I've been trying to take out for the baby, but because of their ages the seasons are a bit off. I couldn't resist when I came across this romper (currently 20% off with code KIDS) for him and of course I knew it would coordinate with my jumpsuit. I figure I might as well get in all the matching I can with him now because my other two, who are only three and five by the way, are very opinionated with their clothes now.

I'm enjoying every sweet moment with my precious little guy and I'm looking forward to so many more summer moments that we'll all be creating together. Do you like coordinating your outfits with your little ones? 

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