Friday Favorites-Slow Down Summer

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you had a great week. It's been such a good one over here. I've been soaking in spending time with my boys and having all the summer fun. I've been focusing more on being intentional with my time with them and taking a step back from the distractions around me when needed. I love connecting with all of you, and appreciate you all that visit this little space of mine. I've been super slow at responding to comments but I promise I read them and appreciate them all so much. I will get caught up at some point because connecting with all of you is one of the best parts.

For now, I would not be doing my little ones justice if I didn't value this special time with them. It's such a catch 22 because we do a lot over the summer that I feel like I have so much extra content I want to share with all of you. And then there's that whole time factor, and not enough hours in a day, yeah, that always throws a monkey wrench into things. But I'm managing as best as I know how and just doing what I can. I did get a chance to share more about how our summer mornings have been starting. We also have C's baby dedication this weekend so I've been busy getting everything ready for that and look forward to sharing more. 

Let's take a look at some of my favorites...

Kicking Off The Camping Season: 

It was a lot of fun to take a long weekend and get our camping season underway. We went to one of  our favorite campgrounds and visited the sweetest place on earth. This has been a fun little tradition we started and can't wait for many more memories to come. We went with our friends that also have two little boys that are the same age as our guys. We were so excited to add to their first camping experience, and fishing, and show them a good time. They opted for cabin camping while we enjoyed our Airstream. We had so much fun visiting the park, enjoying campfires, eating all the smores, and washing off those little dirty feet at the end of the night. Baby C did an awesome job at camping and is already a little pro. You might have caught our family pic on my instagram and I could not stop cracking up once I realized what was going on here. A stranger took this pic for us and somehow mid click baby C decided that he was going to spit up. I mean, he kind of nailed it. What can I say, spit happens ;)

Insta Friends: 

It's been so much fun to get together with some of my local instagram friends and their little ones. Shayla (@Shayla_Mariie) has been so great at coordinating things and getting some of us together. It's always nice to have real friendships outside of social media and behind the screens. That's been one of the greatest things about this whole blogging and social media influencer community.

Sip and Swap: 

Speaking of get togethers, my sister had the CUTEST party this week. She did a sip and swap which was a bunch of us girls getting together to, well, sip, and also swap books. It was a great way to find some new reads and always nice to have a little time out. We were enjoying her beautiful backyard when all of the sudden a storm rolled in out of nowhere. I'm talking it looked like someone turned off the lights, the windy went crazy, and we all ran for cover. The books and drinks were saved.

Pool Time: 

The boys and I also got to enjoy some pool time. It's been crazy hot over here. Like heatwave status. We took full advantage of my Dad's pool to cool down. The boys were amazing and getting a lot more comfortable with the water and having the best time. C went down for a good nap so I got to have some much needed time with the big boys.

Favorite Finds: 

This section contains affiliate links in which I get commission for purchases or clicks made at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your continued support.

I'm going to be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed with prime day, the nordstrom sale, and target having deal days all at the same time. Seriously, I did not have enough time to sift through all the sales and I turned off alerts on my phone because things actually got annoying. Every insta story I watched had nothing but swipe ups and it was just too much for me. I went at my own pace and didn't really need anything, ok, except for some outdoor rugs that I ended up being so tired and fell asleep with my phone in my hand and missed the sale the next morning I woke up. Womp, womp. 

I did snag a few things in general this week for the house and a few random things I've had my eye on. I found some great things on clearance racks at homegoods but of course no links for those. Let's take a look at the things I can share. I've been big into the natural wood look for accent pieces around my house. I feel like I am really embracing more of the modern farmhouse look and I am excited my living room is finally coming together. I found these coasters and love the gold accents in them. For some reason we never had a napkin holder (not really sure why) but this acacia one has made it so much easier to bring this outside when we have dinners outback, and, hold napkins. I do have my eye on these hunter boots and think that with our little Christmas tree patch, now might be the time to finally pull the trigger on a pair. For anyone that has them, do they fit true to size? 

We're hoping to go peach picking soon and what can I say, I couldn't resist this fun peachy tee. I've also heard so many great things about this striped romper that I finally hit purchase on it. It should be arriving today so I'm hoping it lives up to the hype. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 

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