Summer Stripes and Boardwalk Nights

I mentioned recently that I've been trying to be a lot more intentional with my time with the boys. It's crazy how quickly the summers go by. Before I know it A will be starting school, little nugget is turning four in a few weeks, and baby C will be one in the fall. Sometimes life can pass us by if we don't stop to take some time to enjoy it.

These boys are such little beach boys so we've been trying to squeeze in some sun and sand for them. One of the things they also love is playing games on the boardwalk. I mean, they really light up and get such a thrill out of it. You might remember that I mentioned a few years ago that A has a love for claw machines. Well, I am reporting that it's still a thing with him. We've already played a ton this summer and have more stuffy friends then we probably need. He does sleep with a lot of them and they've also served as dog toys for Coaty who's claimed a few of them. On a side note, our dog is so goofy. He makes it a personal goal to rip the eyes off first, he never eats them (thank God), but it's always what he goes for. Anyway, Little nugget is into any type of game where you can throw a ball. He's up for skee ball, basket ball, you name it.

I've said it many times before that I am a sucker for stripes. There's something about those lines that get me every time. For the most part I've been keeping it super casual this summer, and comfortable. I have to admit, it's been really nice not having to get dressed up every day and walk around in heels. I'd much rather throw on something comfortable with a fun pair of sandals and save the heels for special occasions. These shorts (similar here and here) have comfy written all over them. I've worm them with a tank top, a tee shirt, and also a sweatshirt for those cooler summer nights. Although, it doesn't seem like we've gotten very many of them lately.

I have a feeling baby C will be wanting to play games right along with his brothers and enjoying all of the boardwalk sweet treats. We might have let him have a tiny taste when we were in Hershey and his reaction was priceless. Enjoying these firsts and fun summer moments are what it's all about.

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