I'd Pick You Every Time

Picking seasonal fruit is one of our favorite things to do from spring through fall. We don't always get the picking schedules correct (remember our strawberry picking fail?), but we somehow manage to get in what we can and still create memories.

Now that I'm thinking of it, there aren't very many fruits that we all don't enjoy. I am very thankful that getting my boys to eat fruits and vegetables isn't really a struggle. We've tried to teach them that making healthier choices is important and just because it's better for you, doesn't mean it doesn't taste good.

Around here it seems like clockwork every night that the boys get sooo hungry. Anyone else have hungry night time little snackers? Aside from it being a nice little stall tactic (we're on to you, boys), they know that if they want a snack at that time it's either a fruit or a vegetable option. Lucky for them our fruit bowl has been stocked with these delicious peaches that have made some great snacks.

A farm that we've been wanting to checkout was having a family night where their hayrides out to the orchards were free, they had live music, the kids could feed the animals (those goats ate great that night), and they even played a movie out in the fields. It was the perfect mix of family friendly without being overcrowded. Every where we turned we were surrounded by beautiful landscape. Several times I caught myself staring off into the distance as the sun set around us taking in these moments as the boys ran through the peach trees.

The boys were extra cute and so excited to get those juicy peaches. They had a little competition going on to see who could pick the biggest and juiciest peach. They would yell down the rows of trees, "I got the big one!". Of course that seemed to be the phrase after every new pick they found that seemed to be bigger than the last.

I loved seeing how excited they were to fill their bag and how excited they were for the baby to experience his first peach picking. Last year when we went peach picking, and nectarine picking thanks to my pregnancy brain, baby C was still in my belly. It was so special to have him with us now to share in the family fun.

Instead of our little guy actually wanting to pick peaches, he might have been more interested in grabbing onto any and every branch, leaf, or patch of grass he could fit in-between his little fingers. That's ok, though. He sure loves them mashed up and cut up to put into his little teether to suck on. I think it's safe to say he's a peach fan, too.

Sometimes I wonder where my little guys get their goofiness from, and then I have moments like this where the apple (or in this case, the peach) doesn't fall far from the tree. It's also moments like this that make me fall in love with Eric all over again. He's seriously the best dad and always having fun with us. Haha, A's face cracks me up and I can't get enough of looking at these pictures.

Ok, on a random note, I might have specifically gotten this shirt knowing that we were going peach picking. I mean, how could I not, though? At first it was all about the peach fun, and thinking this shirt was really cute, but then it arrived and it was better than I thought it would be. It's a really comfortable tee, which is always a plus in my book, especially when it was super hot out. As you can probably see, towards the end of picking, I was melting. But, hey, real life. Real women sweat ;) I'm wearing this shirt with jean shorts (and a hat of course, and my favorite espadrilles) but I think it will also look cute with distressed jeans, a long cardi for the fall, and booties.

We're still enjoying all of these peaches because picking a few seems impossible with my crew. Would they have it any other way other than to each have their own bag? The answer to that is, no. I keep thinking how we're going to end up with so many more once the baby joins in on the picking. Good thing there is a lot you can do with peaches and my crew doesn't seem to be getting tired of them anytime soon. 

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