Friday Favorites-End of August

Happy Friday, friends! As always I hope it's been a great week for you. We've been packing in all the summer fun before the boys head back to school next week. They both started soccer again, and A had a kindergarten playdate night at school that was really nice for the kids to get together before they go back and to become more familiar with things. I know we still technically have most of September for summer, and I used to get annoyed when people would say Labor Day ends it all, but now that it's official with school starting up, it does feel more like it's ending. It's also my birthday weekend and we're off on another camping adventure. There might be some dolphin watching involved, wineries, and beach time. 

Let's get into some of my favorites...

Sesame Place: 

it's been all the amusement park fun over here and I'm not mad about it one bit. Sesame has always been a favorite of ours and it's so great to visit in the summer since they have a lot of water rides. It was great to get together with a good friend and her little guys before everyone heads back to school. The weather was all over the place this week and even gave us a glimpse into fall. It would start out chilly in the morning and then quickly got warm once the sun came out in the afternoon. The boys had a great time all playing together and making memories.

Storybook Land: 

i wasn't lying when I told you it was amusement park fun. We also got together with our other really good friends to celebrate our three little ones heading to kindergarten. The three of us are sorority sisters, and all three of us were pregnant at the same time. Two of us had the same due date and ended up having babies a week apart from each other. It's been so special to see the three of them grow together and make such fun memories with each other. This was such a cute place to visit. I can't believe after all these years this was our first time checking it out. We always heard great things about it but never got the chance to visit. It was such a clean park, a lot of family rhymes, and so manageable.

All The Sunflowers: 

many of you know my love for sunflowers runs strong and they're one of my favorites. It was so nice to get together with a lot of new friends that have quickly become good friends. As much as I have a love hate relationship with instagram it's brought me so many amazing opportunities and a really strong community that keeps me coming back for more. I'm connected with a lot of local amazing moms and talented women in my area.We've had the chance to get together several times this year and our last adventure was to this beautiful sunflower field. The kids had a lot of fun playing together and it was nice for all of us to catch up. My boys would have cut down all the flowers if they could and I'm pretty sure they started using some of them as swords at one point. Yeahhhh, they've put me in a few situations where I'd like to just dig my head in the sand. Anyone else been in those situations?

Cleft Strong: 

i shared earlier this week a little bit more about the cleft journey we've been on with my youngest son. Sometimes it's nice to open up, let your guard down, and share more with others. He's such an amazing little guy that has taught me so much along the way. Even through all the struggles he's always smiling and reminding us that everything will be ok.

Favorite Finds: 

this is one of my favorite times of the year to stock up on sweaters. I really like this one with the subtle animal print and I am all about the fun tiered ruffled sleeves on this one. Did anyone else hit the Old Navy sale last week? I couldn't resist, like usual, and picked up a few things. I got another basic tee because I also love wearing them for layering in the fall under a cardi. They're only $6.50 and I got an extra 10% off for using my card. I enjoy wearing more jewel tones in the fall and couldn't resist these high waisted ankle pants in matcha green. I'm on the short side (5'3), and got the regular length. They hit at just the right spot and I really like them. I also picked up this light weight tunic that if you see me wearing it a lot this fall, no judgements. Express also has their labor day sale going on with 40% off everything and 50% off of their jeans, and so many others have great sales as well. Happy shopping :) 

I hope everyone has a great long weekend! 

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