Friday Favorites-Wedding Celebration, Candy Fun, & Surgery Update

Happy Friday, friends! As always I hope it's been a great week for you. I'm still living off of the fun from my sister's wedding and having all five of us, my brothers and sister, together again. My brothers went back to FL and Chicago and we're hoping to all get together again around the holidays. I'm looking forward to a semi low-key weekend and getting ready for fall to officially start next week. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

Love Is In The Air: 

I've always seen these gorgeous farm weddings on Pinterest but never actually got to go to one. Went to some beautiful outdoor weddings before but on an acutal farm. They weren't really a thing when Eric and I got married, almost 10 years ago. If they were, I'm almost 99% sure we would have had one. But my sister, she blew it out of the park with her gorgeous setting, beautiful details, and night of endless fun. The weather was absolutely perfect which made the whole feel of the night even more magical. We danced the night away and boy did my legs pay for it the next day, and the day after, and I'm still asking Eric for foot rubs. I thought I got my workouts in from running around after the boys, but maybe I'm doing it all wrong. I think we need to up our dance party game and I need to just dance around while I clean. Stay tuned, I might even share some of that on my insta stories ;)

Surgery Update: 

My sweet little squish. Sometimes I don't know where to start and where to end with what I want to say about him. There are moments I wonder if sharing details are unnecessary, but so many have told us they appreciate learning about the journey of someone with a cleft lip and palate and that he's inspiring them in so many ways. For that, I am grateful. We are two weeks post-op from his lip surgery and I am amazed by the results! He's also 10 months old today. How in the world did that happen?!? You guys, we're hitting double digit months and that just make my heart feel all kind of things. You can check out my instagram for his monthly picture to come. 

We did learn after surgery that his premaxilla (center jaw line area) does sit lower than the rest of his upper jaw, which will need to be corrected. Most people think he's sticking his tongue out, but I like to say, he's just rocking his smile. The first few days after surgery were rough, Motrin was our bff, and sleeping felt like we were back to those newborn days. He slept with us for a good week because it's the only place he would fall asleep. This week he seemed to really turn a corner. He seems more like himself, he's eating like a champ again, and melting our hearts like always. Many have asked us if this will be his last surgery. I wish that was the case, but unfortunately it's not. He will have another in December to start correcting his palate, rhinoplasty around two years old, a bone graft as he gets older, and any in between which we are praying are minimal. This little guy's strength and determination continues to amaze me and I feel so blessed to be his mama. We continue to praise God for our perfect little boy and the endless joy that he brings us.


I love how there are so many fun pop-up tours that make their way around with some great events. Candytopia has made its way to Philly and we were so happy to be invited to come visit before it opens up to the public today. If you're local to the area, it's a really cool experience to checkout. They did a really good job with the different rooms, all the things that are made out of candy, and so many interactive things to do. It's great to go with kids or to come and just act like a big kid. I'm actually not sure who had more fun, my boys, or Eric and I. I will say, I absolutely loved being there with really no one else and having the place to ourselves felt extra special. If it was crazy crowded and packed I'm sure it would have been a little different. I do know that when you purchase tickets there are time slots and I know they try their best to limit the amount of people from being in there at one time. My only real downfall to the whole thing was, there was no bathroom there. Now, it is in the new Fashion District mall that also opened yesterday in Philly on 9th and Market. You can leave, go out into the mall to use the restroom and then come back in. But honestly, who wants to do all of that. I just wanted to give you a heads up because with little ones I know I would appreciate that kind of information. Thankfully no one really needed to go and we could all hold it and continue the fun. Eric and I were cracking up at A's face in that second pic. We had no clue he was making goofy faces. Haha what is he doing?! 

Giving Back: 

After my time with the America Red Cross I've been thinking more and more about where I want to focus some of my spare time (although most days it feels so limited). I know there are ways we can work in more volunteer hours and setting a better example for the boys about giving back. I shared my thoughts on community service and different ways we can get involved and some you might not be familiar with. 

Wallpaper DIY: 

Sometimes I struggle to pull the trigger and decide on what I want to add to my walls. I always seem to get these ideas in my head and then have a hard time finding what I have in mind. I need to get some sort of digital program where I can put in a picture and then transform it electronically. Haha I feel like someone who is behind on the times with that because I'm using the pictures in my phone to doodle on them to show where I want something. Anyway, none of that has much to do with my little DIY project. I shared more about how we framed these wallpaper panels and how they look in my dining room. 
I hope you have a great weekend! 

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