Things I Want My Kids To Remember From This Summer

I think it's safe to say this summer can be noted as one of my favorites. I know a large part of that is because I actually felt like I had a summer with the boys this year. And by had, I mean I wasn't working. I've been out on an extended leave of absence caring for my youngest son who was born with a birth defect. I can't remember a full summer of not having many commitments that I can honestly say I could do whatever I wanted. And for that, I am truly grateful. 
This summer was also a big eye opener for me. As much as I enjoy my career and putting my college education to use, there is something even more special that replaces those feelings and makes it really hard to argue the other side. Of course making money, needing to work, and feeling a sense of accomplishment are all valid feelings, but those moments with my little ones are hard to put a price tag on.

Sure there were days where I wanted to pull my hair out, and I might have been looking forward to bedtime, but much like a professional job, we all have days where we just need a break. Aside from those moments here and there, this summer was nothing short of perfect. We did so much as a family that I'm sad to see it go. I know that we still have a few more weeks of official summer left, and we intend to take full advantage of that, but this is also the first year that A is officially starting school and will be headed off to kindergarten. Even though the weather will still be showing us signs of summer, those lazy mornings, moments of picking up and heading to the beach, or making last minute plans, won't be so easy anymore. 
We're coming off of an amazing long weekend that felt like it wrapped summer up just right. As we were sitting at a winery enjoying some time as a family, my mind started to wander as I watched the boys run around and play corn hole together. It got me think about all the moments we shared, memories we created, and new traditions we started. I can't help but hope there are a few things my boys will take away from this summer and enjoyed it as much as I did. 

I hope they remember...

All those times we said yes to ice cream, popsicles, and too many sweet treats.

All the times we let them stay up later than they should have. 

All those times we said five more minutes to something, that turned into us saying it five more times after that. 

All those times we went outside with no shoes on to run around and chase each other in the grass. 

All those times we road their ATVS with them and let them go a little faster, little faster, just a little faster. 

All the water balloons that go filled up, spalted, and popped. 

All the times we went fishing, whether we caught something or not. 

All the carnival, fair, and amusement park rides we went on. Especially the ones they were scared to go on and ended up loving them after. 

All the times they got to jump in the pool or do something, just one more time, 10 times later. 

All the frogs they caught and random creatures they found. 

All the movies we went to and also the ones we stayed up extra late to watch. 

All the times we tried to lend a helping hand to others. 

All the times they faced their fears and learned life lessons from it.  

All the times we smiled, even after some tears, and learned that we can always work it out.  

All the times we might not have succeeded at something, but learned to always, try, try, again. 

All the times we emphasized that we're a team and that their brothers are their best friends. 

All the trips we went on and Airstream adventures we had. 

All those times that even when mommy and daddy needed to say no, it's because we also have a job as parents to teach them. 

All those times that even on days they might have been bored that we can always find a way to have some fun. 

Here's to all the summer memories that were created, the moments shared, and the many more to come as each season moves forward. 

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