Animal Print For Fall-Falling For You

Oh fall, can you stay this sweet for a little while longer? Our leaves are just starting to change, and while I'm so excited to see those bright bursts of beautiful colors, I'm also sad to know what comes after that. Leaves falling, the trees looking bare, and then I'm kind of over it until spring gets here.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the joy of this season and the special moments that we create together. Since we live in the garden state there are a ton of farms and fall activities around us that are easy for us to take part in. I recently read somewhere that others were having a hard time on social media seeing all of the fall fun a lot of us have been posting because they haven't had a chance to visit a pumpkin patch yet, or don't live in an area where they have them, or don't get a chance to do a lot with their kids during this time of year. That made me so sad to hear, but also left me feeling at a bit of a crossroad.

I never come on here with the intent or want to brag about our life. If anything, I want to share these moments as a way for me to relive these family memories years down the road and also share experiences with all of you that we can connect with each other and relate to each other. I am also a firm believer in that you create your own happiness. Yes, for some of us it can be picking apples, eating apple cider donuts, or visiting numerous farms around this time of year. But happiness can also be found in simple joys. Things like raking a pile of leaves and jumping in them, doing a fun fall craft with recycled items from your home, or just walking around and enjoying nature. While I won't hold back on sharing our family moments, I will encourage you to find joy in your everyday experiences, because we all deserve to feel happy.

My cousin recently mentioned a local farm that she used to go to when she was younger and thought it would be a lot of fun to take the boys there. It happened to work out for us to be able to go and my sister was also able to meet us there. Like most things on the weekends, it was crowded, but it didn't feel overwhelming. They did a good job at having different areas where you could buy things and kept the lines moving. They were having an apple festival that had so many things for the boys to do. They enjoyed feeding the animals, bouncing around, and working their way through a hay bale and corn maze.

While the boys were enjoying some yummy cornbread (I snuck a few bites, it was sooo good) us adults sipped on a glass of wine from their winery (cheers). I opted for a glass of their apple wine which was a white wine that was not too sweet or bitter. It was a nice mix of both and quite refreshing. We also enjoyed some lunch and were able to snag a picnic table near the live band they had playing.

After we finished our food we made our way over to the pumpkin patch area and the apple orchards. My sister wanted to grab some apples to make apple muffins and of course we couldn't pass up walking up and down the rows of trees and letting the boys run around. We even got some smiles out of the baby, so you know it was a good time. And since we had someone else with us, that always makes snapping some fun family pictures a lot easier. For as long as I can remember the boys have always loved, one, two, three, weeeee! I'm just hoping I can multi-task and get the baby up on the other end of me when it comes time for him to want to join in. How awesome would it be if we somehow had a third hand. I know a lot of situations where that would have come in handy (hehe, get it).

When we showed up to the farm my sister and I were walking towards each other and realized we were unintentionally matching. Clearly great minds think alike, and animal print is a hit for the fall.  After I got several compliments on my sweater, I decided to take a few pictures wearing it and I'm glad that I did. It was funny, earlier that morning at church, I was in the bathroom with little nugget because we wanted the boys to go before we got in the car. You know how that can be, five minutes later and they're looking for a bathroom break. Anyway, a woman walked in as we were washing our hands, and said, oh I love your sweater. I smiled at her and thanked her. Little nugget turned to me and said, mommy, did you hear that? She really likes my sweater. I couldn't help but giggle and told him, you're right buddy, I'm sure she really does like yours. Even though he wasn't wearing a sweater, that little compliment that might not have been meant for him, sure made him smile. He even ran out to Eric and told him, hey daddy, this lady really likes my sweater.

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What I do love about this animal print sweater is the fit. I have been all about oversized sweaters and more of a chunky look, but this one is so simple and perfect that it just works. I think the bigger animal print on it with the mix of the solid tan color really makes it stand out a bit without being loud or obnoxious. It's also great for layering since it's not chunky or oversized. I love when a sweater can fit under jackets or a cardigan and be worn all throughout the winter as well.

I think this makes a great transition piece that I can also wear in the spring. I also think this would look really cute with a skirt and sneakers. I love a simple sweater that makes a statement and you feel like you can get a lot of wear out of it. Of course I couldn't help wearing it with a pair of my distressed denim (similar), booties (similar), and my favorite accessory, a hat (similar).  Do you have a new favorite you've added to your wardrobe? This one might be it for me. 

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