Friday Favorites-Hello, October

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it's been a great week for you. I'm wrapping up this week with an extra grateful heart. A lot of times my weeks can feel so crazy. The funny thing is, now that I'm not in a conventional office setting, my days seem to go by even quicker, and often have me feeling like I have less time. But this week allowed me to check a bunch of things off of my list. And you know what, it felt pretty dang good. I also had the opportunity to go into NYC this week to sit down and speak with the global marketing team of a very well known brand to talk about influencer marketing. It was one of those moments where I needed someone to pinch me and tell me this was real life. To think they invited me and wanted to hear what I had to say, felt pretty surreal. I know a lot of times we can all feel lost in this ever changing blogging/social media world. I just want to encourage you to keep reaching for your goals, no matter how big or small they are. You don't need 100s of thousands of followers or tons of people clicking your links to get noticed, you just need to be you, and share what's on your heart.

Here's a look at some of my favorites...

Apple And Pumpkin Picking: 

I shared earlier this week more about our apple and pumpkin adventures. Some tricky weather, an unhappy baby (although I did get one pic of him smiling in the pumpkin patch) and my idea of our family outing quickly changed. It might not have gone like I thought it would, but it didn't stop us from making some memories and capturing some pictures to look back on. It did end up being a special time when we had the whole pumpkin patch to ourselves.

Birthday Boy: 

I'm still in disbelief that I have a six year old. Time is such a tricky thing when you're a mother. It's kind of bittersweet. I've mentioned before that it's a joy and a struggle to see your little ones grow. We had so much fun spoiling our big boy and can't wait to celebrate him even more. He chose to have dinner at his favorite pizza place follow by a double scoop of his favorite ice cream. He wants a woodland themed birthday party and for his hedgehog to make an appearance. That totally works for me. We have so many decorations I can recycle from previous parties so I'm looking forward to this. A lot of my fall decor is also owls, and little critters, so we're just going to incorporate them into the mix. You can keep an eye out in my stories where I'll be sharing more of the fun. We love you big boy and pray God's unending blessings, protection, and His hand to be upon you as you grow even more.

White Party:

I mentioned last week that Eric and I were throwing a white party at our house, and I am so happy with how it all turned out! It was so much fun. We're hoping to make this a yearly thing. The big boys spent the night with their grandparents and I enjoyed some one on one time with our littlest guy before he went up to bed for the night. All of our friends had to wear, white of course, and brought a dish or appetizer with them. We had the best weather, there were no bugs, and it was so nice to dine outside and enjoy each others company. I had so much fun transforming our backyard and getting everything ready. I loved how our pretzel bar came out and I'm thinking about using it again for A's party this weekend. I probably could have eaten the whole brownie batter dip on my own, and you guys, we even got a pumpkin dip as well. Tis the season.


I tend to do some reflecting around the beginning or end of a new month, and September was no different for me. I wrapped up my birthday month and did a lot of thinking about things I would like to work on within the next year. I shared more about ways I want to upgrade to a better me. Do you set goals for yourself?

Favorite Finds: 

Did you catch the Loft sale? I'm not a huge loft shopper, but Biana posted some of her finds and I really liked this ruffle plaid top. I was even thinking it would be a cute top for Christmas card pictures. They also have these doleman tops on sale for only $15. We recently went shopping and I found a cute set for the baby. How adorable are these joggers, and perfect for A's party this weekend. They also have some adorable sweatshirts to go along with it. Little nugget came across a friendly pumpkin shirt that we let him get. If you're looking for a watch for your little one, this one has been a hit and was one of A's birthday presents. 

I hope you all have a great weekend! Happy October! 

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