Friday Favorites-Hello, November

Happy Friday, friends! I hope it was a great week for you. Can I just tell you how thrown off I am right now. I kept thinking yesterday was Friday because of halloween. I almost didn't get my favorites together because it felt like it was about to be Saturday. It's crazy how one day can throw things off. I really liked how I did my favorites last week with focusing on things that made me happy. I hope to do more like that in the near future, but I feel like we had so much going on this week that I'll do a typical one here and more of a recap of our highlights.

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

Pumpkin Carving, Fall Fun, And All The Things:  

i love that our good friends have kept up with the tradition of having a pumpkin carving party. It's always one of our favorites and the kids have a blast. The past few years they did a byop (bring your own pumpkin) but this year we all met up a local farm and it ended up being so much fun. We won't ever turn down a pumpkin patch or a chance to have some more fall fun. Afterwords we went back to their house to carve pumpkins and hang out. The boys decided on carving a bat and after my lack thereof carving skills from last year, I let them take the reins on this one.

we also headed out to another friend's costume party. It was a lot of fun to get in our costumes and spend time with everyone. The boys played so hard with the other kids and even got the adults in on some of the fun. Let's just say they all slept really well that night.

you're all probably getting tired of our endless farm visits, but I can't help it, that's just what we do this time of year. One of our favorite local farms had their last mommy and me day of the season so we couldn't pass that up. I invited my mom to come along with us because you're never too old to have a mommy and me day. We caught the last hayride of the season after I picked up the boys from school and made our way out to the apple orchards. My mom didn't get a chance to pick any yet this season so it was perfect for her to do with the boys. We also picked some popcorn, did the corn maze, and of course went through the pumpkin patch. We got the last batch of apple cider donuts out of the oven and they might have tasted like a little slice of heaven.

A's first tooth: 

there's something about losing that first tooth that feels like it makes big boy status official. I was so happy for him, and he was so proud, but my heart strings tugged a little bit as he reached this milestone. I was secretly so happy it was his bottom tooth, because I'm not sure I'm ready to see a toothless smile just yet. I turned to my insta stories to ask all of you what the going rate was for the tooth fairy because I was seriously clueless. When I was younger we usually got change, and if I was lucky maybe I got a dollar. I was so shocked to find out that so many people give between $20-$50 for the first tooth! I mean, more power to you, but I could go broke with three little ones losing teeth. We decided on $5 for the first tooth. I was going to do $6 since he's six, but I only had a $5 or a $10 on me, so a $5 it was. And you know what? I'm pretty sure he doesn't fully believe in the tooth fairy. He was all excited at night, made a little sign for his door so she knew what room to go into, I set out fairy dust after he was asleep, and we slipped the money under his pillow. When he woke up the next more there was barely any excitement or much enthusiasm about it. He even asked me, mama, did you put that money under my pillow? I confidently told him it was not me, because it wasn't, it was Eric ;)

Christmas Trees: 

I know everyone is all about pumpkins right now, and I am too, but we also need to start thinking about our Christmas trees. You might remember we planted almost 400 evergreen seedlings to expand the already 75 mature trees that were on our property when we got it. Unfortunately we lost about 12 little trees and the verdict is still out if it's because our dog likes to lift his leg on them, or if it's because it was an extremely hot summer. We might never know.

The sun broke through after an extra rainy day so we jumped at the opportunity to get those dead trees out and replace them with some extra seedlings we had on hand. It's a lot easier to do when the ground is wet and there's this whole thing with a timeline for the optimal time to plant them in the fall. We didn't want to miss that window. We're keeping our fingers crossed that these ones make it. It was also the perfect time for me to wear this adorable, and extra comfy tee, that the sweet Andrea from Living On Cloud Nine got me.

Favorite Shares:

in case you missed it this week I shared more about a recent breast cancer awareness event I attended and had the chance to sit down with Lori Allen from TLC's, Say Yes To The Dress: Atlanta. She was so sweet and is such an inspiration. I also opened up about two scares that I've had and cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for God's protection and that the tumors were benign. The crazy part is, things like that can be a lot more common than we think and it's so important to spread awareness.

i know halloween can be such a fun and busy day for families. I felt like I was running around to the kids parades and back and forth between their school activities. We went trick or treating at a few places around us and then headed to my sister's where there were a ton of treaters. The boys of course made out great with some king sized candy bars and lots of goodies. Would you believe the highlight of what they got was a box of nerds and a bag of cool ranch doritos. It's the little things. I shared more about our family costumes this year and how we included all of our pets.

Favorite Finds: 

did any of you catch the banana republic factory friends and family sale? I hope you did because there were some good finds. I did, and after using some of our rewards I only had to pay $3.14 for my entire order. Now that is my kind of shopping! I picked up this pleated sleeve top in blush, this side stitch sweater in gray, and this basic crew neck tee. Eric picked up two pairs of jeans and my sister got this reversible poncho. The sale runs until the 4th and you if you're a cardholder of any of their partners you also get an additional 10% off the already 40% off is you use code BRCARD. Express is also having a great sale and I couldn't resist this fun animal print beanie. I also love these medium wash distressed jeans which are 50% off until the 3rd. 

I hope you have a great weekend! 

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