Easy Ways To Make Valentine's Day Special For Your Kids

I was recently talking with a friend who mentioned she wants to make Valentine's Day special for her little ones but doesn't want to spend a lot of money or feel like she has to put on a big production. I get it. Most of the time we're exhausted as parents, working off of a budget, or wondering how we're going to fit something extra into our schedule. 

I was never really big into Valentine's Day until I had kids and realized that any holiday with them, whether big or small, is fun to celebrate. There's something special about seeing your kids light up when you do something out of the ordinary that makes their day. I also quickly realized that holidays can get out of hand if you don't have any idea or direction with what you want to do and aimlessly shop for things that many times aren't necessary. Of course everyone is entitled to celebrate how they please, but I want to share some easy and cost effective ways you can make Valentine's Day special for your kids without breaking the bank or feeling like you need to put on a Pinterest show.  


a lot of times my kids will come home from school with artwork or projects around this time of year that can also double as setting out for some extra decorations. I also love Target's dollar spot, although, sometimes I wish there were more dollar options there, and when in doubt. the Dollar Tree is always a great option as well. You can give yourself a small budget, even if it's $10 dollars, and get creative with what you buy. What has worked really well for me is getting a pack of something, my tried and true foam sticker hearts have been great to spread around the table and the whole pack is only $1. If you buy something like a pack of pencils or stickers, taking them out of the pack and displaying them fills the space and also looks like more.


yup, you read that right. If you don't spend money on holiday specific attire that limits you to wearing it again, you can find a lot of cute options that are a general color or design that don't scream, kiss me I'm your Valentine.  It's a double bonus because you have the versatility to wear it a lot more than for a specific timeframe. The boys wanted to pick out their outfits last year and I love what they went with. If you're looking for something a bit more traditional I love styles like this pink polka dot shirt for a little girl or this simple tee for little boys. And of course a fun heart sweater if mama wants to feel festive.


this is probably my favorite suggestion because if you've been reading this little space of mine then you know I love to have fun with special breakfasts for my kids. We are a breakfast loving family. Like, eat breakfast for dinner when I'm out of ideas, and everything is better with an egg on it, family. I have the best time sneaking down to the kitchen before the kids make it there and having a little spread ready for them. I love incorporating some treats and mixing it in with some fruits and playing up on the colors of food. Strawberries, raspberries, smoothies, and cherries are great to use as Valentine's Day foods. My friend Lindsay put together a great Valentine's charcuterie board and an expansive list with  pink and red foods that you can check out for even more inspiration.

Making Valentine's Day Special
Heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day


I always love this because it takes away from the time and effort of having to get something new and allows you to get creative with things you already have. If you look around your home, or even at your kids toys or art supplies, you will probably come across some options that you can us. Think pink, white, or red tissue paper, crayons, or even colored hot wheels cars. The ideas are endless if you do a little thinking.

Making Valentine's Day Special for Kids
I hope this has inspired you to enjoy this special time with your kids and not feel like you have to spend a lot or go above and beyond to put a smile on their faces. After all, it's about spreading love and reminding those around you how much you care about them. 

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