Heart Wall And Heart Eyes

I had all the heart eyes for this fun wall mural in Charlotte. I mentioned in my favorites that my sister, mom, and I were headed for a little girls weekend to spend some time together, explore the city, and relax. I'll share more about our stay and what we did while we were there in another post, but for now, let's talk about some heart love.

I can't take credit for finding this one because my sister brought it to my attention when searching through the goetag for Charlotte on instagram. She knows me all too well and that I can't pass up a fun spot to snap some pics. I mean really though, who doesn't love a fun backdrop.

Several years ago Eric and I took the boys to NYC for Valentine's Day and also came across a heart wall where we captured some of my favorite pictures with my little guys. It was fun to see this one and how the artist decided to present theirs.

At first this wall wasn't the easiest to find because it's tucked away on a side street walkway. The address is 1930 Camden Rd and it's down the street from Jeni's ice cream in the South End area. Thankfully it only took a few minutes for us to realize where it was.

The South End area had so much going on and was a lot of fun. It's filled with tons of restaurants, breweries, and plenty of street art. My outfit wasn't really thought out specifically for this because at first we weren't sure if we were even going to make a visit. My sister and I were back at our hotel room and decided to take a nap. Hey, a tired mama with a hotel room and no kids, how could you not take advantage of that????

Once we got a quick power nap, we woke up to the sun shining and thought it was perfect to head out. I'm glad we did because we loved the South End area. We had a lot of laughs, great food, and good company.

You can always tell when you made a good purchase when you get a lot of compliments on something. I was apprehensive about these jeans at first because they seemed, hello 80s to me. I mean nothing wrong with the 80s, I am an 80s baby after all, but they are just different from my typical basic skinny jeans with either a dark wash or distressed looked. These are button up high waisted resembling a white wash look. And you know what? They are fabulous! Like, I'm kind of obsessed, fabulous. You'll probably see me wearing them all the time and I am making no apologies for that. I threw on a sweater, booties, and a hat and was set to explore. 

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