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Happy Friday, friends! I hope it's been a good week for you all. This week was all over the place for us but still filled with many great moments. A was sent home from school on Monday with a stomach ache. I had just gotten back from my weekend away and had hopes of getting a lot done around the house. Leave it to a change of plans and that didn't happen. Oh well, what can you do. Motherhood can be unexpected a lot of the time. Let's get into some favorites, shall we...

Charlotte Getaway: 

it was so nice to be able to get away for a little girls trip with my mom and sister. My sister randomly found round trip flights for $68 for us. That was a no brainer that we take advantage of a getaway away for the weekend. We brunched, and brunched some more, enjoyed some really nice rooftop spots, found some fun street art (check out more of this heart wall)  enjoyed the trendy hipster feel of the south end area. I'll share more of our trip soon and some fun spots to check out if you ever make a visit.

Self Care:

one of the things I have been trying to incorporate more of is focusing on self care. My idea used to be more of lighting a candle and reading (which is still great) but I'm not sure I truly get a lot of time to just focus on myself. Sometimes for me it's better to be out of my house and around less distractions to actually feel more relaxed. My hair grows really fast and felt like it got to a length that was just so long and blah. I only got about 4 inches cut off, but it feels so much better, and I'm looking forward to getting into more of a routine with styling it. My face could also use a little help with brightening and freshening up, so I also booked a facial. 

I was considering doing a peel but thanks to all of you who sent me messages when I posted about is in my insta stories and gave me some more insight, I decided it against it this time. I didn't realize your face needs about 1-2 weeks after to feel normal. Since we're traveling in a few days, I didn't think it was best to try it out for the first time. My esthetician also advised against it because I would have some sun exposure and the skin peeling that can take place after. I went with a hyrdafacial instead that left my face feeling amazing. It feels so smooth and brighter which is what I was hoping to achieve. And if you all caught my stories then you even saw me with no makeup on sharing my results. 

Little Helper:

we're headed to Cali in a few days to see my brother in laws and meet my new nephew. We are all just a little excited to be out in that Cali sun and enjoying some time together. For once I'm getting a head start on packing but boy does this little guy make it tough. He has already unpacked two bags, threw everything around, and sat on one of my hats. Gosh, he sure is cute though. We also have a big surprise for the boys once we're out there that we aren't telling them until we get there. If you've been a reader around here for awhile you might remember a big surprise we did for them a few years back that will be parallel to this one. You can check in with my stories to see some of our fun and find out the news.


i made the decision to take A and C to the mall with me and at first when we got out of the car I questioned my decision and what in the world I was thinking. A needed some new jeans and sometimes shopping for them online when he isn't a true size makes it tough. I also noticed while we were out that he acts very different then when he isn't with little nugget. I think they feed off of each other most of the time. Anyway, we ended up getting a few compliments which is always a huge confidence booster when you're a mom. I only brought the single stroller and A was sitting down with holding C on his lap. I met the sweetest woman in the checkout line that told me all about her children and sons and even had me tearing up at one point. I shared more of the story on my instagram if you want to check it out and how even though you can be years apart from someone the common bond of motherhood can allow you to relate.

Favorite Finds: 

This section includes affiliates links. Thank you for your continued support and happy shopping. 

speaking of shopping, I'll share some of the things we picked up during our trip. I couldn't find links for everything because some of them were on clearance racks, which are always my favorite finds. Even though these jeans weren't on sale, when I put them on they had to come home with me. My sister wore this animal print turtle neck in Charlotte and I loved the way it looked. I told her I was heading out to get the same one and I love it just as much on me. I'm planning on wearing it for date night tonight. This colorful knit sweater, and also this fine-knit sweater came home with me. This knit hoodie was on a great sale and it's really comfy. I think it will look really cute with leggings or jeans. This dusty rose love sweatshirt was too good to pass up and perfect for Valentine's day and even after. 

These jeans were perfect for A and his slender build. I have the toughest time with finding something that fits him in the waist and has enough length. These also have the adjustable buttons on the inside that help. He also really liked this sequin flip alligator sweatshirt and he was all about these distressed jeans, so we splurged. I picked up this set for the baby that will be perfect for our trip.

I hope you have a great weekend! 

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