As a mom who needs to gets dressed up for work everyday I wanted to share a few looks with you that are fashionable yet provide easy access if you are breastfeeding or need to pump. Skirts and button downs have been the most practical and versatile for me, allowing flexibility to switch up styles and patterns so you don't feel as if your wardrobe is getting repetitive. I went a little bold with the first look mixing patterns, a floral top and lace skirt. I got the most compliments on this combination and it encouraged me that going outside of the norm can pay off.

Please bare with me through these pictures. I am no model by any means and actually feel rather awkward in front of the camera when I am by myself. It definitely helps to have a sister snapping pics of you and giving you tons of encouragement to help break the ice. Towards the end we had each other laughing so hard that it was hard to focus. We hope you enjoy these looks and find them to be an inspiration on those mornings when you just aren't sure what to wear. We would love to hear what your go to wardrobe pieces are?

 Skirts Forever 21 (Here) Shirt Forever 21 (Similar)
Shoes old-Steven by Steve Madden (Similar)
Bracelet Alex and Ani (Here

Skirt Banana Republic Factory (Similar) Shirt H&M (Similar)
Shoes INC (Here) Bracelet Alex and Ani (Here)

It's been a while since we've shared some fun fashion finds so in the spirit of 4th of July week, what better time to break out the red, white and blue. Here are a few patriotic outfit ideas that you can wear to your upcoming party, bbq, or sport around the office. 

As two women who love fashion, we enjoy getting dressed up and making ourselves all purrrdy. But, there are those days where comfort just trumps all! Just because you want to be comfortable or have a more relaxed look doesn't mean it can't be fashionable. Now that we are carrying little man around more, we see ourselves keeping the heels in the closet more frequently. Don't get us wrong, we love a great pair of heels, and they are in no way on retirement, but for those days where they are just not cutting it, flats are a great alternative. You can also take a relaxed look and dress it up a bit by adding a blazer or fun accessories. Whether you have big weekends plans, hitting the town, or just hanging around local, we hope this outfit adds some inspiration to your look.

T-shirt Old Navy (Similar) Blazer older from H&M (Similar)
Leggins (Express) Flats BCBGeneration (Similar)

Although spring is here and we love wearing pastel colors, let's face it, there's just something about those bright summer colors! Pops of coral, summer pinks, purples, and orange are enough to put you in that summer mood by just looking down at your hands. We had to break out this gem in anticipation for summer. Check out Kara by Zoya, great for everyday wear or to show off at your next summer outing. We love Zoya products with less chemicals and great fun colors!

We wanted to share some of our favorite accessories to take your simple look to another level, or finish off an already fashion forward piece. Pops of color, statement necklaces, mixed cuffs, and bold clutches can be the focal point to your outfit. We are loving bold summer colors like, coral, aqua, orange, and cobalt blue. We seem to be gravitating towards gold pieces that will emphasize that summer glow. 

Clutches: Express & Lucky, Sandals: Tory Burch-Saks Fifth Avenue, Necklaces & Bracelets: Charming Charlie, Old Navy, Forever21, Plato's Closet

we wanted to share one of our spring/summer inspired looks. We are loving the maxi look this season! Not only is it stylish and can be dressed up or down, but it's also comfortable. You can find bold colors, fun prints, or keep it classic and neutral.

Out fit: Target, Sunglasses/Accessories: Plato's Closet

We are so close to spring we can practically smell it. Well, the flowers may not be in full bloom and there are still random snow piles that have yet to melt, but we are closer than we were yesterday! With the anticipation of spring comes all new outfit choices and styles to wear. An unexpected work request to drive to Connecticut for the afternoon to take care of some business turned into a fun outing for the both of us. It just so happened to be one of the nicest days of the week and my work outfit was getting more compliments than usual, score for us! I ran over to my sons daycare to feed him on my lunch break, picked up the sister, and off we went!

Pants: Older-BCBGeneration, Shoes: Steve Madden
Shirt: Old Navy Blazer: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Burberry

You know that feeling you get when you find a great pair of paints that just fit you like a glove and have that great look about them? Well, we are showing you three different ways to change up those favorite pants of yours with some versatile fashion finds.
Skinny Cargo Pants:Express Sweater:similar at Forever21 

 Pants:Express Shawl:Belleza Salon

Pants and Sweater:Express

Looking for something to wear on those in between days? We have a few of our favorite pieces to share with you! A great infinity scarf to wear throughout the day not only adds a personal touch to your outfit but keeps you warm. A poncho make a great seasonal transition piece. You can transition both of these looks by swapping out your boots for flats or sandals.
Poncho: Forever 21

Scarf: Nordstrom-Lulla Collection

The brand CND, are the makers of Shallac. If you don't know what Shallac is, it is a nail polish that has a gel finish. You need to put it under a UV light and all these different steps. So CND came up with a faster and more effective nail polish. With Vinylux it does not require a UV light.
All you need:
Any color of the Vinylux-2 coats
 The Vinylux Top Coat.
It's suppose to last for at least a week without chipping. We'll see.

Winter weather getting you down? Nails breaking more than usual? Skin dryer than you would like?...Here are a few tips that may help ease your winter blues. Our secret to smooth hands during the winter is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. To minimize our nails from breaking we file them down to a manageable length. For the weekend we will be sporting Orly's French Manicure line in Sweet Blush. The key to getting this great look is applying 3 coats. This subtle color is sure to compliment almost any outfit!

Nails:Orly-Sweet Blush Ring:Forever 21 

We love getting excited about fun fashion finds. We like to take simple looks and add a little something extra to make it chic and stylish. Here are a few outfits and ideas that we wanted to share. You can take a simple plaid flannel shirt and pair it with pearls and boots to give it a bit of a chic look. Looking to spice up an all black outfit? Add a fun fur vest and a bold statement necklace to bring the outfit to life! We also love a comfy cardigan to make those chilly days more enjoyable. We would love to hear some of your favorite fashion ideas.

Shirt:Old Navy Jeans:Express Boots:Nine West Necklace:Annie Sez

Vest:Forever 21 Leggings & Shirt:TJMaxx Necklace:H&M

Cardigan:Anthropology Outfit:Same as above

Nail Polish With Less Chemicals

With so many fun colors, shapes and designs it's easy to get excited about getting your nails done. I never really worried about what was in my nail polish until I was pregnant. Once you do a little digging it is shocking about what we put on our nails. I still wanted to have fun with my nails but my main focus was making sure I tried my best to cut out as many chemicals from my everyday diet, makeup, and yes, nail polish. I found that the brand Zoya does not use a lot of the unnecessary chemicals that are found in many other lines. Zoya is Formaldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate and Camphor free. This made me feel better about doing my nails and keeping my little one safer. Here is a color that we love for the fall and winter!

Color:Zoya Nina

Matte French!

I absolutely love trying new things with my nails. I've become obsessed with the matte black finish. We all know how expensive OPI and Essie are, come on, $8 for a tiny bottle of nail polish. I recommend going to an Image Beauty, or some sort of beauty supply store that sells everything for a very reasonable price. 
There are actually a few ways to get the matte look. You can either;

  •  purchase the OPI matte black from the Gwen Stephani collection,
  • OPI has matte top coat so you could use any color you prefer underneath,
  • There are other brands that sell the matte finish top coat, it is harder to find but I know it is out there.
  • Lastly you can make it at home! (What did she say?) Yup you read it right. You'll need cornstarch and a clear top coat. Add a little bit of corn starch in a few drops of top coat and ta-da!
But here is how I got the the french look;)
I had just a regular black laying around, and I purchased the OPI Satin. 

Step 1: Paint your nails with the matte finished first (two coats) 
Step 2:Take the regular black nail polish and paint a line across giving you the french tip. Now if you don't have a steady hand I would recommend using tape. But the only problem with the matte finish is you have to make sure that it is completely dry before doing anything to it.
Step 3: Let it dry. It's that simple:) Enjoy

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